HIV Clinical Research Unit


Patient 1

Being on the studies have been a great help. Because I have been on the studies, I am able to take these very expensive medications which have prevented me from being full blown AIDS or sicker.

Patient 2

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been very ill and was in need of medications in order to make you well or even save your life? If so or not, have you ever wondered how these medications came to be? Clinical research is the answer. Without these clinical research trials and studies many people would still be ill or worse, deceased. I am one of those persons. In 1992, just a stones throw away from full blown AIDS, I was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph system. My prognosis was not good, six months to live, maybe. I went the chemotherapy route until it was determined that it was in vain. By the grace of God I became privy to a clinical research study for my particular type of cancer. I was accepted as a participant and after two and one half years of taking the study medication my cancer was declared miraculously cured. I still thank God for that chance.

Very soon after my recovery I realized I wanted to give back to the clinical research world. So I began participating in HIV research studies and to this very moment I am still volunteering and participating in any study they have offered or asked of me to participate in. I know that the lives of countless persons have been either saved or the quality of their lives have been greatly improved.

Also, did you have any idea that healthy people participate? They do and they are needed, and in my eyes they are real heroes. Without the motivation of severe or terminal illness they participate so that people like me could have a chance at not only life but a better quality of life. Thank you all.

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my repaired heart, the countless number of professionals; doctors, researchers, and clinical study technicians for their never ending hard work, dedication and unwavering quest for better medications for the sick and dying.

In closing I would like to give my name, Dennis E. Coffer, in hopes of adding validity to my testimonial. I also would be glad to discuss any topic related to this testimonial with any interested person in hopes of inspiring them to get involved in clinical research

God Bless Us All! 

Patient 3

Well, where do I start, it all began five days before my 32nd birthday as I was diagnosed with HIV+. When I received the news I was shocked, cried a little and called a friend. On my way home I just started thinking, “what's going to happen” and “why me?”

Well I began reading up on the program before I came to USF; my first doctor's visit went easy, scary but easy. The doctor was very sensitive, caring and understanding of my background. Later in my second visit she came in with 3 other people, doctors and specialists, and there was this one person that just stuck out. She was introduced to me, and spoke to me about the research that goes on next door from the clinic.

I was at first unsure, but I had no insurance so I spoke to my family and fought with them because they wanted me to come home back to my country.

Well to make long story short. I agreed to do this study, my physical exam from day 1 and so on, have been great. Research I signed up for is going great, my results have been very scary due to the medications I am on, going from high viral load, to very low, where it is undetected at this moment. My friends and family are very happy.

I recommend this study to people who need to beat HIV, its working for me. I've had no set backs taking my meds at scheduled time by myself.

This research is working for me. So give it a chance you won't regret it.

Thank you.


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