M.S. in Medical Sciences, Pre-Professional Program (MSP3)


The University of South Florida's one-year Masters of Science in Medical Sciences program provides a high-quality “pre-professional” program that will significantly enhance and extend the academic development of future healthcare professionals and contribute to a diverse student body. This innovative, interdisciplinary program, the first in Florida to provide an integrated approach to the subject areas that comprise the “basic” biomedical sciences, is designed to provide students with a solid academic foundation prior to continuing in a variety of healthcare-related professional programs. The pre-professional program was founded on the premise that future clinicians, researchers, educators and healthcare professionals in the biomedical sciences will require extensive interdisciplinary training in order to develop novel solutions to current health care problems.

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The Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, pre-professional program aims to:

  • Provide advanced scientific training in the basic medical sciences which require greater knowledge than delivered in most undergraduate or non-degree post-baccalaureate professional programs. 
  • Further develop the training of future physicians and other health-care practitioners.  
  • Support the academic progress and development of students who wish to pursue future healthcare or biomedical science careers. 


The interdisciplinary curriculum has been designed to provide the background training that will equip students with the essential tools for a successful career in the biomedical sciences. The program requires the successful completion of a minimum of 32 credit hours, which can be accomplished in one year of accelerated study. The 11 required courses, and three optional electives, provide both foundation and advanced training while additional program activities provide students with professional development opportunities.

Pre-Professional Open House

Please join us on campus at USF’s Morsani College of Medicine to hear more about our pre-professional program, also known as a special master’s program (SMP), and have all of your questions answered! No R.S.V.P. required! Click here for a map of USF Health. 

Fall 2018 Open House Dates:
November 13th at 12pm, room MDL1003B
December 6 at 12pm, room MDL1003B

Spring 2019 Admissions Open House Event Dates - TBD

Fall Semester 

  • GMS 6201 - Basic Medical Biochemistry (3)
  • GMS 6605 - Basic Medical Anatomy (3)
  • GMS 6141 - Basic Medical Microbiology & Immunology (3)
  • GMS 6012 - Basic Medical Genetics (3)

Spring Semester 

  • GMS 6630 - Basic Medical Histology (3)
  • GMS 6440 - Basic Medical Physiology (3) 
  • GMS 6505 - Basic Medical Pharmacology (3)
  • GMS 6706 - Basic Medical Neurosciences (3)

Summer Semester 

  • GMS 6111 - Basic Medical Pathology (3) 
  • GMS 6604 - Human Embryology (3)
  • GMS 6871 - Health Sciences Ethics (2)


  • GMS 6000 - Medical Sciences Success Skills – MCAT prep (3) 
  • GMS 7930 - Gross Anatomy Lab (2)
  • GMS 6671 - History of Medical Sciences (2)

Minimum 32 credits required for the degree

  • Prospective Applicant Profile

    The ideal applicant to the MSMS pre-professional program:

    • Is interested in improving their academic credentials before applying to a health professional school (e.g., M.D., D.O., DDS, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, etc). 
    • Wants to academically prepare themselves before entering a health professional school.  
    • May have missed the deadline to apply to a health professional school. 
    • Wishes to experience an interdisciplinary biomedical sciences curriculum.
  • Advantages of the MSP3 program

    Program: Our accelerated pre-professional program is designed to be completed in one-year. The curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach to the medical sciences, encompassing a wide range of topics. Students will complete a minimum of 32 credit hours and earn their master’s degree within this time frame.

    Location: The MSMS pre-professional program is located on the University of South Florida’s highly recognized USF Health campus. The USF Health campus is comprised of numerous professional schools, allowing master’s students to interact and learn alongside other health professional students and faculty.

    Tuition: USF offers affordable graduate level tuition rates, one of the lower rates in the state of Florida.

    Faculty: Our master’s students are taught by highly trained faculty from USF’s Morsani College of Medicine.

    Workshops: The Graduate Affairs Office supports our students by hosting various workshops throughout the year. These workshops can range from learning how to enhance study skills or write a personal statement, to information sessions hosted by admission representatives from various professional schools.

    Advising: Our students receive one-on-one advising regarding their application to professional schools, as well as academic advising throughout the program.

    Teaching Assistants: We hire outstanding alumni as tutors for our current students. Tutors will host tutoring sessions for each course to reinforce course materials. Tutors also act as a liaison between faculty and students.

    Partnerships: The Graduate Affairs Office has partnered with the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) to provide interviews for our students who meet specific academic metrics.

    MCAT preparation: The Graduate Affairs Office has partnered with the Princeton Review to offer an MCAT preparation course, GMS 6000 Medical Sciences Success Skills. Students will pay graduate tuition rates for this 2-credit course.

    Gross Anatomy Lab: Our students have the option of taking the Gross Anatomy Lab elective. Students will have access to the state-of-the-art facility to enhance their education through cadaver dissection under the supervision of Anatomy faculty.

    Service Abroad: Students have the opportunity to participate in a volunteering trip abroad in Panama.