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Health sciences, the study and research of the human body and health-related issues, are critical to our understanding of how humans function. The knowledge gained from these studies is vital to today’s mission of improving health and preventing and curing diseases. In the new millennium, in which science truly complements the art of medicine, advances in the health sciences contribute to our understanding of the structure and function of molecules key to normal body function and the pathogenesis of disease and to design new approaches for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Recent changes in research and scholarship in the biomedical sciences has directed attention to the development and training of students who are able cross the barriers of traditional disciplines and embrace the concepts of interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical problems. The Health Sciences concentration, within the Master’s Program in Medical Sciences, has been developed to provide a new interdisciplinary and concentrated program of study that is designed for students interested in either future doctoral professional programs in the biomedical sciences. The program integrates an array of disciplines, including anatomy, biochemistry, histology, physiology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology and ethics to provide a solid medically relevant foundation. The rigorous program allows students to demonstrate their full academic ability for future graduate programs or medical school. The interdisciplinary program promotes the broad intellectual focus required of future graduate or professional students in the biomedical sciences or health-care related fields. The courses integrate modern distance teaching methods and are designed to improve their academic skills that are critical to their future professional development.


  • This concentration will take four semesters to complete.
  • Courses are only offered during the terms listed below with the majority only being offered in the fall.
  • Students should take courses in the recommended order below or risk delaying graduation.
  • Fall admission only.

Curriculum (100% Online)

Fall Semester (Year 1)

  • GMS 6201 - Basic Medical Biochemistry (3)
  • GMS 6605 - Basic Medical Anatomy (3)
  • GMS 6630 - Basic Medical Histology (3)

Spring Semester (Year 1)

  • GMS 6012 - Basic Medical Genetics (3)
  • GMS 6141 - Basic Medical Microbiology & Immunology (3)
  • GMS 6706 - Basic Medical Neurosciences (3)

Summer Semester (Year 1)

  • GMS 6871 - Health Sciences Ethics (2cr)
  • GMS 6604 - Human Structure and Function

Fall Semester (Year 2)

  • GMS 6111 - Basic Medical Pathology (3)
  • GMS 6440 - Basic Medical Physiology (3)
  • GMS 6505 - Basic Medical Pharmacology (3)
Minimum 32 credits required for the degree

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