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Silver Child Development Clinic

Discovering how brain development affects the behavior of children.

Watching mental growth and learning experiences evolve in children is nothing short of a miracle. During the first years of life, the human brain continues to take form and early experiences shape how the brain develops, affecting forever a person’s ability to process information and learn. When a child’s brain is not able to develop correctly, it becomes vulnerable to mental and behavioral disorders. 

The health care team at the Silver Child Development Center at USF Health understands the biological and environmental factors responsible for disorders of thought, learning, communication and behavior. We offer a wide range of psychological testing services including ADD, ADHD, IQ and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Our expert providers offer comprehensive psychiatric and psychological care for children and adolescents in an outpatient setting and our multi-disciplinary team offers assessments and ongoing care, including individual, family and group therapy, as well as pharmacologic management. 

We are translating this knowledge into newer, more effective treatments for our young patients. As a highly specialized child development center located on the USF Campus, we serve as a resource in the region for patient treatment advancements and research for brain development.

At the Silver Child Development Clinic, our USF Health scientists and clinicians are dedicated to helping your child – and your entire family – with successfully managing mental, developmental, learning and behavioral disorders.

At USF Health, we want to make it easy for patients to get the care they need.  

Moms open up about dealing with postpartum depression and psychosis

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