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Nose and Sinus Disorders (Rhinology)

Florida has so much natural wonder to explore. We want to help our patients get outdoors, be active and have adventures. With chronic sinusitis so prevalent – affecting 35 million Americans we have the specialists to provide the care you need.  At USF Health, our otolaryngologists are skilled at diagnosing and developing care plans for medical conditions of the nasal cavity and sinuses, including allergies, smell disorders, polyps, and nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum. 

In addition to these diseases, our providers have advanced training in endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.  Without the use of conventional facial incisions, our surgeons can approach important structures such as the eyes, tear ducts, pituitary gland and brain, to perform delicate interventions.  Cutting edge technologies, for example intraoperative computerized image guidance, are regularly used to help our providers achieve optimal results. 

As an academic medical center, our otolaryngologist team at USF Health embraces an interdisciplinary approach, enabling the collaboration of multiple providers (e.g. Otolaryngologists, Neurosurgeons, Interventional Radiologists, and Critical Care experts) to provide the highest patient care. 

We care for patients with the following diseases:  

  • Sinus disease 
  • Nasal obstruction and deviated nasal septum 
  • Nasal polyps 
  • Turbinate hypertrophy 
  • Cerobrospinal fluid leaks 
  • Sinonasal masses and tumors 
  • Pituitary and skull base tumors 
  • Nasolacrimal (tear duct) obstruction 
  • Thyroid eye disease   
We provide the following treatments:  
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery 
  • Extended endoscopic and open frontal sinus surgeries 
  • CSF leak repairs 
  • Sinonasal tumor surgery 
  • Endoscopic pituitary gland surgery 
  • Correction of nasal obstruction 
  • Endoscopic and traditional septoplasty 
  • Turbinate reduction 
  • Nasal valve surgery 
  • Endoscopic surgery for thyroid eye disease (orbital decompression) 
  • Endoscopic nasolacrimal (tear) duct surgery