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Ear Disorders (Otology, Neurotology, and Lateral Skull Base Surgery)

Normal ear function is essential for so many aspects of our daily life.  At USF Health, our multidisciplinary team of Otologists, Neurotologists and Audiologists provide comprehensive care for all aspects of ear health and disease.

Surgery of the ear, known as otologic surgery, may be necessary to treat a variety of conditions.  These are often very delicate microsurgical procedures which require specialized training.  Our team works to ensure you clearly understand the benefit if surgery is needed, and to ensure that non-surgical treatments have been considered.     

At USF Health, our Otologic/Neurotologic surgeons have advanced training for more complex surgery to treat disorders affecting the base of the skull and cranial nerves.  This includes tumors like acoustic neuroma, glomus jugulare, meningioma, and temporal bone cancers; often very large tumors within the skull between the ear and brain. 
We care for patients with the following conditions:  

  • Chronic/severe ear infection 
  • Cholesteatomas  
  • Hole in ear drum (tympanic membrane perforation) 
  • Otosclerosis 
  • Inner ear disorders
  • Bell’s palsy and other facial nerve disorders
  • Tumors of the ear  
  • Spinal fluid (CSF) leaks into the ear 
  • Acoustic neuroma and meningioma 
  • Other skull base tumors 
  • Dizziness/imbalance/vertigo 
  • All causes of hearing loss  

We provide the following Otologic surgeries: 
  • Tympanoplasty (repair of ear drum perforations)  
  • Mastoidectomy (to treat chronic ear infection or cholesteatoma)     
  • Cochlear implantation 
  • Bone anchored hearing aid placement 
  • Laser stapedectomy
  • Repair of spinal fluid (CSF links)  
  • Surgical removal of skull base tumors including acoustic neuromas 
  • Excision of cancerous and non-cancerous ear tumors

Our Otologists, Neurotologists and Audiologists work closely together to develop the best treatment and rehabilitation plan for each patient.  USF Health’s Hearing and Balance Center provides patients with a wide range of non-surgical approaches for hearing and balance rehabilitation.