Head and Neck Reconstruction

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Head and Neck Reconstruction and Microvascular Surgery


To return to their daily lives, patients may need reconstructive surgery, after cancer treatment or due to a major trauma of the head and neck region. These intricate surgeries enable both cosmetic repair and enable restoration of speech, swallowing and other important functioning. At USF Health, our reconstructive surgical team is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible functional and aesthetic outcome.

There are a wide range of reconstructive techniques that are provided by our team at USF Health. This can range from relatively straightforward “local” reconstructive procedures but also can include extensive surgeries that can take an entire day to complete. 

These complex operations entail transplanting different combinations of skin, fat, muscle or bone from one part of the body to another. In some cases cutting edge 3D surgical planning, is even utilized to allow a truly customized surgery.  Once healed, this will help as much as possible to recreate the patients pre-treatment appearance and function. 

At USF Health, our surgeons utilize a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach toward reconstructive surgery. We have extensive experience performing these surgical procedures for various conditions, throughout the head and neck region.    

Disorders Treated:

Head & neck cancers
Head, neck & facial trauma
Osteomyelitis/osteoradionecrosis of the jaws
Tumors and cysts of the jaws
Upper esophageal injuries
Facial paralysis
Tracheal stenosis and other airway disorders   

Reconstuctive Surgeries:

Open reduction and repair of facial fractures
Reconstruction of complex
“Mohs” skin cancer defects
Nasal reconstruction, including use of paramedian forehead flaps
Reanimation procedures for facial paralysis
Regional head & neck reconstruction (e.g. pectoralis major flaps)
Microvascular free tissue transplants