Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Goals

This strategic plan represents a departure from the ways we used to address these important processes in our continuing growth. First, we chose to be extremely deliberative in how we developed this plan. Second, we chose to let the plan “live”, both through its development and continuing through its implementation. Three, we chose to use different language – instead of the usual goals and objectives, we have three pillars representing our three bold innovative aspirations and two foundations on which these strategic initiatives rest.

Within each of these there are a series of metrics because we believe in the power of accountability; however, it is our intent not just to monitor those metrics and our progress, but to revisit and modify them in our continued pursuit to provide the best opportunity for students to succeed and together with our faculty and staff, to advance the field and promote optimal health.

Many hours of creative energy on the part of many people were spent in crafting this plan. We encourage you to join us in breathing life into this plan as we continue our grand adventure!

  • Goal 1

    Transforming the MPH

    Transforming the MPH

    The USF COPH will provide an MPH education that is integrative, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary, while allowing for flexibility based on prior learning and professional development goals.

  • Goal 2

    Translating Translational Research

    Translating Transformational

    The USF COPH will be known as a leader of interdisciplinary, transformational research.

  • Goal 3

    Enhancing System Capacity

    The USF COPH will be recognized as a leader in promoting public health system capacity locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

  • Goal 4

    Our People

    Our People

    The USF COPH values inclusiveness and respect for all people. We will accomplish this through our culture, curriculum, research and service by continually fostering an environment within the College that embraces diversity, a sense of community, collegiality and life-long learning.

  • Goal 5



    The USF COPH will develop and maintain academic and financial practices and a physical environmental that will ensure the sustainability of the College through 2022 and beyond.