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College of Public Health

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program

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Paul D. Coverdell Fellows
Patricia Roque
Fellows Coordinator


On the SOPHAS application there is a question related to the Peace Corps. If you are an RPCV, check the appropriate box and complete the essay question. Once you are admitted to the College of Public Health, you will be contacted by the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Coordinator. 
Open to any on-campus concentration. Online concentrations are not eligible.
  • Step 1 – Applicants will apply to the College of Public Health via Sophas by the application deadline for the Fall Semester
  • Step 2 - Indicate in your SOPHAS application your desire to apply to the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program and complete the additional essay
  • Step 3 - Applicants will be notified of their admission to the College of Public Health
  • Step 4 -The Peace Corps Coordinator will contact admitted Coverdell Applicants and request their DOS, CV, and any additional documentation
  • Step 5 - All Coverdell applicants will be notified of their Coverdell application status.
  • Step 6 -If selected, applicants will have 1 week to decide if they wish to accept or decline the Coverdell offer and communicate with the COPH Peace Corps Coordinator
  • Step 7 - Once accepted, Fellows will receive a welcome packet from the Cooridnator of the Coverdell Program
You must first be accepted by the College of Public Health in either the MPH or MSPH degree program. Please see the application process
Yes. It does not matter when you finished your service. Whether you finished 1 month ago, 1 year ago, or 10 years ago you are eligible.  As long as you are an RPCV and meet the eligibility requirements and are admitted into the College of Public Health at USF you can apply.
The Coverdell Fellows Program has a 2 year timeline. You are expected to complete your work within that time frame. If you have not yet finished by the end of 2 years, you will still be able to finish your degree at your own pace, but will no longer be a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow and will be responsible for all expenses.
We will be accepting 4 Coverdell Fellows once every year in the Fall Term

Call or email the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows coordinator at:

Patricia Roque
Fellows Coordinator 
P: 813-974-9671