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alumni awards

The USF College of Public (COPH) was founded in July 1984. Over the years, our graduates have gone on to make significant contributions to the field of public health. The Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes COPH graduates who improve the public’s health and do it exceedingly well.

Nominees must have earned an academic degree (BS, MHA, MPH, MSPH, PhD or DrPH) from the COPH and not be currently employed by the college. Additionally, nominees must have significant domestic or global impact in two or more of the following areas:
  • Leadership
  • Research  
  • Teaching, scholarship and mentorship of health professionals 
  • Impact on the community, college, university or society 
To nominate someone for the Outstanding Alumni Award, please submit the following scanned documents via one email to All submissions will be acknowledged by email to the nominator.

The nomination and supporting letters should not be longer than 400 words each and should explicitly address the nominee's contributions to the field of public health as referenced above. Acceptable nominators include professional colleagues and university faculty. Self-nominations are not accepted

The Outstanding Alumni Award is presented in Tampa during National Public Health Week. Awardees will be notified by email or telephone by early February.

The nomination deadline is 11:59 p.m. on December 1. For more information, contact

COPH 2023 Alumni Awardees—Dr. Michelle Crozier, Dr. Gene Felber, Dawn Hunter and Frank Yiannas

COPH 2022 Alumni Awardees—Dr. Lynette Menezes and Commander Lane Vause

COPH 2021 Alumni Awardees—Steven Chew, Thometta Cozart and Dr. Melissa Mercado

COPH 2020 Alumni Awardees—Drs. Tracey L.Koehlmoos, Abu-Sayeef Mirza and Kelly L. Sullivan

COPH 2019 Alumni Awardees—Danish Hasan, Gregory A. LaManna, and Dr. Pauline J. Rolle

COPH 2018 Alumni Awardees—Dr. Sharad Malavade and Candace Webb 

COPH 2017 Alumni Awardees

COPH 2016 Alumni Awardee

COPH 2015 Alumni Awardees