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Human Resources

On Your First Day

On Your First Day

During your first week, you will be welcomed by our Team and introduced to key figures you may be in collaboration with at the College via our tailored Virtual Onboarding. Our COPH Office Reference Guide can be used as a helpful resource for reaching out to community members for particular requests or further guidance. We look forward to supporting your continued success and are so glad that you are here!

  • All employee vehicles must be registered with the campus Parking & Transportation Services

    First time visitors may pick up a courtesy day permit from: 

    Parking and Transportation Services
    4202 E Fowler Avenue, PSB101
    Tampa, Florida 33620-7700

    Employee Permits, or E Permits, may be purchased online. This permit is available for employees with a USF faculty/staff or affiliate appointment. E Permits are: 

    • Valid in any lot or space designated "E". View map.
    • Available by the academic year or semester.
    • Restricted to the parking location that matches the letter designation, from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

    For more information, contact Parking & Transportation Services by:

    Phone: (813) 974-3990

    Or read more here:

  • The Net ID is your user ID at the University. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically eligible to obtain a Net ID. With its associated password, the Net ID allows you access to variety of online services offered at the University System:

    Read more about your USF ID Card and Net ID.

  • All employees are assigned an official email account based on your Net ID. Once your Net ID has been activated, your department will create your official USF email.

    More information