Human Resources

What You Need to Know

Welcome to the College of Public Health! Below you will find helpful tips to plan for your arrival.

  • Parking and Transportation

    All employee vehicles must be registered with the campus Parking Services department. Employees must park in the assigned parking designation and the decal must be visibly displayed on their front windsheild. Parking in a reserved spot or in an incorrect parking destination will result in a fine.

    • Receive temporary parking pass at USF Parking and Transportation Services on Holly or Collins Blvd. Please show you letter of offer and a two week pass will be given to new employees.
    • Purchase parking pass within ten days of the expiration for temporary parking pass. 
    • Obtain Campus maps and bus schedules at USF Parking and Transportation Services.

    The handicap spaces are specifically reserved for the handicapped.

    Additional parking information can be viewed at the Parking and Transportation website

    The Parking Department: (813) 974-3423

  • Net ID

    The Net ID is your user ID at the University. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically eligible to obtain a Net ID. With its associated password, the Net ID allows you access to variety of online services offered at the University System:

  • USF ID Card

    Apply Online:
    The USFCard (identification card) is a requirement for all distance learning students who are enrolled at the University of South Florida. 

    Visit their website for more information on requesting and picking up your ID card,

    You will need to mail or email your passport photo and a copy of your Driver’s License to the USFCard Office. Once they receive your information they will send you a confirmation email. At that point it will take one week for you to receive your card in the mail. If you want to check on the status of your card, you can call the USFCard Office at (813) 974-2357.

    Apply On-Campus:
    Please have your U # and Net ID available to purchase your USF ID Card at the Marshall Center across from Computer Store. The USF ID fee is $10.00.   

  • Email Account

    All employees are assigned an official email account based on your Net ID. Once your Net ID has been activated, you can create your official USF email at or contact for assistance.

  • Telephone

    Directories: The COPH telephone list is updated regularly by the Dean's Office. Be sure to notify Michael Haywood of any changes. To access the online USF directory, please click on the following link:

    Personal Calls: Please use your cell phone for any personal call.

    Equipment/lines: To inquire about telephones please contact Michael Haywood at 813-974-6613 or email Each faculty, administration and staff employee will have a dedicated phone line in the COPH. Individuals are encouraged to give that number to prospective callers.

  • Mail

    The COPH Mail Stop code is MDC 056.  Contact your BOSS representative for more information about your designated mailbox.

    • Campus mail. Delivery is made once a day to the main campus and post office.
    • Off Campus Mail. Items requiring postage must have a voucher attached to identify class of service, number of items, and account to charge.
    • Express Mail. COPH uses the services of DHL for overnight mail service. Envelopes and labels are available at the front desk. The mailing label must have the chartfield to which the charges will be assigned. Items are picked up by 4:00 p.m. at the receptionist desk. Personal parcels must be sent by another carrier and must be accompanied by cash or check. DHL will not accept private parcels.
    • Courier mail. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use courier mail instead of express mail for the next day service to Tallahassee. The USF Finance and Accounting Department operates the daily courier service to and from the Board of Regents in Tallahassee, which includes delivery to and from all Florida universities.
  • Building Safety/Emergency Management

    COPH Building Safety Team contact information:
    Michael Haywood Facility Manager for COPH 813-974-6613
    Cedric Cato Administrative Clerk for COPH 813-974-6613
    Stephon Johnson
    Administrative Clerk for COPH 813-974-6067

    For additional information on Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Relocation area for evacuation, Tornado and Hurricane Preparedness, Campus and Personal Safety, and Lab Safety awareness. Please go to Building Safety home page: