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Get Involved

UG alumni career panel March 2017 Joe Close, Courtney Lemay, Maureen Oginga, Lucia Freire

Want to give back to alma mater?
No problem.

We bet you’ll be surprised at all of the vehicles in place to support your interests. Here are a few of the ways current students and the COPH would love to connect with you!

  • Join the COPH Alumni Society
  • Plan events for alumni
  • Recruit prospective students
  • Raise money on behalf of the college
  • Mentor students through a practice experience
  • Host students for a behind the scenes tour of your workplace
  • Advocate for the COPH with legislative and congressional staff
  • Speak with students about your academic and professional endeavors

Start Here!

Complete a few questions and you will be on your way to reconnecting with alma mater. Just let us know who you are, where you are and what you want to do.

Reconnect with Us