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Degree Programs

The USF Taneja College of Pharmacy, Graduate Programs offers 5 unique degree programs suited for a variety of students interested in pursuing a professional degree program, an advanced degree, research, or interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry. The Master’s in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology is designed to train students in the skills needed to understand the technological advances in science at the nanoscale and how nanomaterials and processes can be applied to drug delivery, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, tissue regeneration, personalized medicine and more.

Programs components:
  • All degree programs are 32 credit hours.
  • Courses offered online or on-campus
  • Fall and Spring Admissions
  • Flexible Curriculum
  • 1-2 Years completion rate
  • Recognized STEM curriculum


MS – Nanomedicine
Provides a foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and nanotechnology for students planning to enter a professional program. Students will complete courses within pharmaceutical sciences, such as biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy, in addition to the core requirements covering the concept of nanomedicine and nanopharmacy.


MS – Biomedical Engineering

Provides a foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and nanotechnology from an engineering perspective. Students in this concentration will complete courses from the College of Engineering to complement their degree as it pertains to biomedical concepts. This concentration is intended for students planning to enter a professional program, work in academia, or pursue a career in the industry such as working with medical devices.

MS - Complementary & Integrative Pharmacy (CIP)

Introduces students to new applications of nanotechnology in pharmacy and medicine as the need for nontraditional approaches in alternative pharmacy continually increases. This concentration will focus on herbal medications, nutrition, and compounding of traditional medications into alternative dosages to expand on alternative approaches to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Due to the interactions of many medications, this knowledge can lead to safer alternatives for the growing population.  This concentration is intended for students planning to enter the workforce or advance their education in a professional degree.

MS – Drug Discovery, Development, Delivery & Manufacturing (D4M)
Provides the opportunity to conduct original research in the D4M areas. This concentration is ideal for students wishing to work in academia, the drug development industry, research, or pursue an advanced degree such as a PhD program. Students will gain hands on experience in a lab setting by working closely with a USF faculty mentor. 

MS - Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics

Provides the opportunity to complete an internship in the field of nanotechnology. This concentration is intended for students who would like to work in a pharmaceutical company, such as CoreRx or Transgenex. Students within this concentration will be placed at a company to gain hands on experience and acquire specific technique in using the equipment, terminology, and resources.

MS - Translational & Clinical Research

Introduces students to a variety of research concepts and provides the opportunity to conduct original research on topics pertaining to translational and clinical areas. This concentration is intended for students wishing to enter academia or pursue an advance degree such as a PhD program. Students will gain hands on experience in a lab setting by working closely with a USF faculty mentor.

Concurrent Degree (PharmD – MSPN)
The University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy’s mission is to revolutionize health by innovation of patient centered healthcare through education, research, and service. The empowerment of students, professionals, and patients as catalysts for change at all levels of health. In order to accomplish this mission, The USF Taneja College of Pharmacy PharmD program in partnership with Graduate Programs, now offers a concurrent degree that allows Pharmacy Doctoral students the ability to earn a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology while completing the Pharmacy degree. Students within this program will gain advanced knowledge on pharmaceutical nanotechnology research and applications by working with the latest technology available to the field of pharmacy and medicine. Graduates of this degree will be more marketable as they will have the foundational knowledge of the gap between the interdisciplinary sciences through the understanding of the nanopharmaceutical field.

PharmD in Pharmacy – total minimum hours – 154 hours
Masters in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology – total minimum hours – 32 credit hours

The following courses are approved to be shared with both majors:

PHA 6124 — 3 — Principles of Pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacodynamics I
PHA 6148 — 3 — Nanoformulations and Nanopharmaceutics
PHA 6185 — 3 — Drug Discovery and Frontier

For all other curriculum requirements, including Thesis/non-Thesis, Internship, Comprehensive Examination, etc., refer to the Catalog listing for that major.

Contact Information

For admissions/application inquiries, please contact:

Maria Guisandes
Graduate Admissions Recruiter
(813) 974-4562

Admissions Information

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Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (M.S.B.E.) Degree

In addition to the above named degree programs, USF Taneja College of Pharmacy has partnered with the USF College of Engineering to offer a MS in Biomedical Engineering, concentration in Pharmacy degree.

Biomedical Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary program that combines engineering and the medical sciences. The student works with an advisor to develop a customized and unique graduate program that draws on courses from engineering, medicine, public health, and the life sciences. Current active areas of research include: biomechanics, biomaterials, medical imaging, neuroengineering, tissue engineering, sensors, cellular-level drug delivery, and rehabilitation engineering. In addition to USF Health, participating institutions include the James Haley Veterans Administration Hospital, Florida Orthopedics Institute, and Tampa General Hospital. For more information, please contact the BME Program Advisor. This degree offers students a great opportunity to stand out from their peers with this tailored degree.

For more information Graduate Majors Contact Information.

Or contact:

College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering Department (ECH)
4202 E. Fowler Avenue ENB118
Tampa, FL 33620

Program Director or Coordinator
Robert Frisina
Phone: 813-974-4013