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Medical Health Administration

Health Students

Incoming Students

Athletic Training, Medical, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistants

Incoming Medical and Physical Therapy Students, prior to beginning training at the University of South Florida College of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals/institutions, you must complete and return the Communicable Disease Form for Students.

Patient contact will not be permitted until the forms and supportive documentation are complete. You are urged to obtain documentation from your health care provider. All documentation must be in English.

The University of South Florida College of Medicine is unable to provide the vaccines, laboratory titers and/or physical exams required for starting your program. These immunizations, physical exams and/or laboratory tests must be completed prior to beginning your program. If you have any questions regarding the Communicable Disease Certification Process or you are not able to receive certain immunizations (i.e., they are contraindicated), please contact our office directly at (813) 974-3163 to discuss your situation. All required vaccines are readily available through your local Health Department, Urgent Care Centers or Walk In Clinics.

Current Health Students

Externship Applications - Immunization/Vaccination records on file in the Medical Health Administration Office can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to from your USF e-mail. Please add your date of birth.

PPD/TST (Tuberculin Skin Test) and Influenza vaccinations appointments can be scheduled by calling (813) 974-3163 during office hours.