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Residency Program

Stipend & Benefits

Current salary package is above the national average particularly in relation to local cost of living expenses. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the current stipends for residents at USF are listed below:

PGY-1 $ 51,078 $ 1,957.01
PGY-2 $ 52,709 $ 2,019.50
PGY-3 $ 54,624 $ 2,092.87
PGY-4 $ 56,817 $ 2,176.90
PGY-5 $ 59,129 $ 2,265.48
PGY-6 $ 61,448 $ 2,354.33
PGY-7 $ 63,447 $ 2,430.92

Housestaff are paid every other week. There is no state income tax in Florida.

Health services are provided free for a single housestaff. For married housestaff, the services are $50.00 per month and those with children are $75.00 per month. A comprehensive malpractice and disability package is provided free of cost. The disability insurance program has been a model for other training programs and coverage may be continued upon completion of training. Life coverage includes a $10,000 basic term policy which may be enhanced at excellent rates. A separate dental policy may be purchased at limited cost.

Three weeks of vacation are provided to residents.

Maternity/paternity leave is provided when appropriate.

Free meals are provided when on call at all hospital.

Universal pagers are assigned to all house officers which they will maintain during their three years of residency.

Parking privileges are available at no charge in secure locations at all hospital.

Comfortable, adequate call rooms are provided for all housestaff on call at Tampa General. As EM residents we have our own dedicated "EM Residents Office" in the hospital with six new computers with internet and two call room beds and lockers. A strong housestaff association is based out of Tampa General Hospital.

Laboratory coats are provided by the hospital free of charge at the beginning of each academic year.