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Jason W. Wilson, MD, FAAEM

Message from the Director

Our mission is to operate a 24/7 acute care research program with the capacity and capability to provide a drug, device or procedure at any time point.  The success and expansion of acute care research studies relies on the demand for 24/7 quality via a shift work model that utilizes around the clock research assistants, research coordinators, and multiple investigators present in the ED.  Furthermore, we leverage our EMR to provide robust patient capture support, minimizing the impact on clinically active staff to identify patients. We work to integrate our operational approach into the existing ED workflow in a way that does not burden busy staff or require research investigators and coordinators to be regularly queried on off days outside the hospital. We increase capacity to accept and initiate new studies by having each research team member cross cover multiple. The presence of research staff and investigators in the hospital 24/7 allows us to work across service lines to screen, enroll and provide treatment to patients under research protocol in and out of the ED during a hospital admission.

The Division of Emergency Medicine Research Section (USF EM Research) is integrated closely with the Tampa General Hospital Office of Clinical Research (TGHOCR). TGHOCR provides infrastructure for the Acute Care research group while the USF EM Research Team serve as the hub of Acute Care studies via the work of our research assistants, students, and residents.  From a residency standpoint, TGH offers residents the opportunity to be involved at research on all levels.  Whether you are just looking to dip your toes into a little research or you’re an MD/PhD looking for a program with adequate support to help you conduct a trial, we’ve got something to offer you.

24 Hour Research Phone: (813) 394-3025

Jason W. Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP

Chief of Emergency Medicine

Director of Research, Emergency Medicine