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Medical Students


Medical Students

Upcoming Events for Students

Stay tuned for EMIG Lectures & Events! We have some fantastic things planned in the upcoming year!

Interview Socials

Our interview socials are by invitation only. If you are interviewing this season, you will receive information about socials! We are excited to meet you!

EM Acting Internship

(Fourth Year Medical Students)

The Emergency Medicine Acting Internship is a four week rotation intended to enrich students' knowledge, help them develop history-taking ability, physical exam skills, diagnostic and management skills, as well as help them develop a caring, compassionate and empathetic attitude in dealing with patients and their families in an acute care setting. Special attention will be paid to diagnosis and exclusion of an acute life- or limb-threatening emergency, & ED procedures such as airway management, resuscitation, wound and abscess care, etc.

On rotation, students will participate in the following activities:

  1. Attendance & participation at weekly grand rounds
  2. Obtain history/ROS and perform physical evaluation of patients in the emergency department
  3. Presentation of patient cases to attending physicians and/or senior residents, including differential diagnosis and management plans
  4. Performance of available procedures including but not limited to laceration repair, incision & drainage, endotracheal intubation, ultrasound, central line placement, and other procedures deemed appropriate with explicit approval from the supervising physician(s)
  5. At the end of the rotation, the student will give a brief presentation of an interesting case and include discussion of the disease, its management, or other unique aspect of the case
  6. Experience with ED ultrasound
  7. Additional events such as disaster drills or special conference events may occur

There are not required quotas for the number and types of patients seen, however it is expected that students will attempt to see a high volume of patients (consistent with their comfort level) without compromising patient care. Students should attempt to see a variety of chief complaints and care for a diverse patient population.

Student grades are based on end-of-shift evaluations completed by the attending physician, end-of-rotation case presentations, & professionalism/attendance/participation at emergency medicine conferences. Shift evaluations are scored in various domains mean to reflect SLOE domains.

For Fourth Years looking to do an Acting Internship, please contact:

Jordan Beau, MD
Clerkship Director - Acting Internship

Intro to Emergency Medicine

(For USF Health Students Only)

Welcome to the University of South Florida Emergency Medicine Clerkship, Tampa General Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine.  For the next several weeks, you will be assigned to the Emergency Department.  You will work one-on-one with experienced Emergency Physicians. We will help you develop your history-taking ability, physical skill assessment, and diagnostic and management skills.  We are glad to welcome you to our department!

We try to make this rotation fun, and one that stimulates you to learn through many different learning opportunities. This course is designed to introduce you to emergency medicine with all its unique opportunities and challenges. The best way to learn emergency medicine is to “do it.” You will be expected to evaluate patients, address their presenting complaints, initiate work-ups, and provide definitive therapies.  Often the most critically ill patients are managed using the “team approach,” which involves EMTs, nurses, physicians, and students.  How much you learn, see, and do depends primarily on your effort and interest.

Our goal is to help you enrich your knowledge, hone your clinical skills, and develop a caring, compassionate, and empathetic attitude in dealing with patients and their families. This Emergency Medicine clerkship has a multifaceted approach to student education.  We teach the essentials of Emergency Medicine, integrating clinical skills and evidence-based medicine through didactic lectures, observation, performance of clinical procedures, hands on clinical experiences and direct interaction with faculty, individual patients, and families. We teach essential Emergency Medicine procedures as well as their indications, contraindications, benefits and risks, and potential complications. You will learn and practice on mannequins, simulators, and each other (for venipuncture, IVs, Trauma FAST ultrasound exam). There is a lab, using simulators to practice some of the less common procedures, cricothyrotomy and tube thoracostomy.

The ED is an energy-filled, busy place.  We look forward to sharing opportunities for growth with you.  Remember: the more effort you put into the rotation, the greater your rewards will be.

We look forward to working with you and anticipate that your rotation will be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions throughout your rotation.


Anish Zachariah, MD, FACEP, FAA
EM Clerkship Director - USF Elective