Doctor of Physical Therapy Admissions

For Admitted Students

Students selected for an offer of admissions will be notified on or before February 1. With your offer of admission, you will receive an email that outlines the next steps and how to accept our offer. Keep in mind that you have a limited time to accept the offer. We do not require a deposit to hold your seat, but your acceptance represents a strong commitment to attend the USF DPT program.

Some of the next steps include the following:

1. Acceptance of your offer

2. Completion of a Criminal Background Check

As part of PTCAS, we collaborate with Certiphi to complete your background check. Two weeks after your offer of admission you will receive an email from Certiphi to begin the background check process. Keep in mind their is a fee charged by Certiphi in order to process your background check. If you were admitted previously by another program that uses Certiphi you do not need to redo another background check, rather Ceritphi will share that one with us.

3. Proof of Health Insurance

All students enrolled in the DPT program must provide proof of health insurance prior to matriculation, and must maintain active insurance throughout the program.

4. Residency Form

Each incoming student must complete a residency form to claim in-state or out-of-state status. If claiming in-state residency, then you must also submit two proofs in the admitted students name that show 12 consecutive months of Florida residency.

5. Photo Release

Each incoming student will complete a photo release form as we do record simulations and certain activities throughout the DPT program.

6. Technology Standards

We strongly recommend waiting to purchase any new technology for the program until you have received the technology requirements for your cohort. 

7. Communicable Disease Prevention Certification and Physical Exam Verification

Communicable Disease Testing required to enter the program:

  • TB – you will need two tests spaced one to two weeks apart
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) – You will need to provide proof of immunity with a positive MMR titer blood test or the dates that you received two doses of the MMR immunization
  • Varicella (chickenpox) – you will need to provide proof of immunity with a positive Varicella titer blood test or the dates that you received two Varicella immunizations.
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough) – must provide proof of vaccine within 10 years of start date Hepatitis B -   You will need to provide proof of immunity with a positive
  • Hepatitis B titer.  Please note that if you have not had your Hepatitis B immunizations, you will need to receive three injections over  6 months followed by a blood test titer 30 days after your third dose.  It will be a total of 7 months to complete this requirement to be considered fully vaccinated against Hepatitis B.  Not being fully vaccinated could delay your start date into the program. 

Please refer to the Communicable Disease Prevention Certificate for more specifics.  You may also call the Medical Health Administration Department at 813.974.3163 for any questions or clarifications.

The above requirements and several others will be shared and sent to admitted students usually in January/February, and will need to be completed by late May/early June. Specifics will be shared with each incoming cohort, however we strongly encourage you to consider some of these items as you are waiting an offer of admission to be prepared.