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School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

Orthopaedic Therapy Residency

Orthopaedic Residency Admissions and Requirements

Online Application:

Admissions Requirements

  • Graduated from CAPTE accredited physical therapist education program
  • Attained Florida PT licensure prior to beginning the residency program
  • Three Letters of Recommendation. They must be on official letterhead, and include signature of recommender. Please submit:
    • One (1) academic
    • Two (2) clinical
  • Campus Interview with the Residency Program Director, Residency faculty, as well as the current Resident.



APTA members, who are eligible for Physical Therapy licensure in the state of Florida and have graduated from a CAPTE accredited physical therapist education program, are eligible to apply for this residency program. The deadline for applications is March 15. The program runs for 13 months beginning in early September. Interested applicants should contact:

Aimee B. Klein, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS
Associate Professor
Assistant School Director
Program Director, SPT&RS Orthopaedic PT Residency Program
School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.,  MDC 077
Tampa, FL 33612

Benefits of Residency Training

  • The APTA advocates completing a residency for those considering specialization. Residency training provides the tools for more efficient examination and interventions, better patient outcomes, more diverse career training, and networking. Those PTs deciding to complete a residency program and sit for the specialist examination are more marketable practitioners.
  • Upon successful completion of an APTA-credentialed clinical residency program, graduates are considered qualified to sit for their respective specialty examination.

Admissions FAQ


The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program is well suited for both recent graduates of a physical therapy program and clinicians wishing to further their knowledge in Sports, Orthopedics, or Geriatrics.
There is no minimum experience requirement to apply to the program. Because we limit the number of residents accepted, we are able to tailor our program to address the needs and experience level of each one.
The number of applications received by the USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program varies from 15-30 each cycle.
The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency currently accepts 1-2 resident each calendar year.
The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program does not require specific continuing education coursework or learning experiences. Our only educational requirement is that the applicant has earned the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from a CAPTE-accredited physical therapy program.
The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program is a full time obligation, with both scheduled patient care and structured learning. In order to ensure that extracurricular activities will not interfere with the resident’s academic performance, neither outside employment of any kind, nor enrollment in coursework in any other department of the University or any other learning institution is permitted. Exceptions may be made only under extreme and compelling circumstances, and require the prior written consent of the Residency Director and School Director.
Individual lenders may have different requirements regarding circumstances under which a loan may be deferred. Please check with your lender to confirm this information for your specific situation.

Career Starter Dues Policy Amended for PT Postprofessional Students

As of April 2015: upon request and submission of the physical therapist post-professional student enrollment verification form, eligible early career members who are enrolled full-time in an advanced post-professional program or APTA-accredited residency or fellowship program can switch to the Physical Therapist Postprofessional Student Membership category in order to qualify for the discounted registration rate for APTA Combined Sections Meeting or NEXT annual conference (details:


Applicants finishing their DPT degree from a CAPTE-accredited physical therapy program are encouraged to apply, as well as anyone who is licensed in the US and has attained the DPT degree. Applicants must have already graduated from an accredited physical therapy program and attained PT licensure in the State of Florida by the time the residency begins. If an applicant is already licensed in Florida, a copy of his or her Florida Physical Therapy License must be included in the application materials.
The Application deadline is March 15. Only one annual application cycle (with a early September start date) is offered for the USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program.
The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency program begins in early September and runs for a period of 13 months. Work at the clinical site typically begins in early October.
A personal interview with USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic Residency faculty members is a component of the application process. Not all applicants who apply will be invited for an interview.
Transcripts from one’s entry-level physical therapy degree and any post-graduate physical therapy degrees (e.g., transitional DPT or Master’s degree) should be included in the application materials.
The USF Health Orthopaedic Residency program requires that the applicant submit three letters of recommendation (one academic instructor and two clinical instructors).

Resident Benefits

The residency is a full-time, temporary position. The resident’s salary will be $47,476 per year, less applicable employment taxes, deductions, retirement plan contributions and withholdings.

Residents are entitled to:

  • professional liability protection as provided by law,
  • Temporary Employee Retirement Plan participation as provided by University policy, and
  • such other benefits (e.g., health insurance) as may be provided by law and USF Policy and for which the resident completes enrollment, as applicable.

As temporary employees, residents are entitled to 16 days paid time off (PTO).

There are no specific costs related to the residency program. The USF Health SPT&RS Orthopaedic residency program is a paid position with benefits, as noted above. Residents will incur regular living expenses during their time in the program, as well as some travel expenses if attending professional meetings, which is strongly recommended.
Professional development is encouraged. Reimbursement for professional meetings or continuing education is determined by the Residency Director in collaboration with the Director of the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences. Each resident will be fully funded for the APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing Course.