SPT&RS School Mission and Vision

School Mission

The mission of the University of South Florida School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences is to demonstrate excellence in movement sciences through interprofessional education, evidence based clinical practice, research and service.

This mission will be accomplished by preparing doctors of physical therapy, researchers, and clinical residents who have a strong foundation in basic and clinical sciences, and who demonstrate excellence in contemporary, evidence-based patient client management, critical thinking and professionalism.

The mission will be further supported through faculty scholarship and research, and through a clinical practice which enriches the program and serves the community.

School Vision

The University of South Florida School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation sciences, through its collaborative initiatives, will be nationally recognized for its:

  • Innovative, integrated, and inter-professional curriculum.
  • Highly responsible, self-directed, capable, and caring graduates who advocate for and deliver patient-centered care throughout the lifespan. Their practice will be current, evidence based and strong in inter-professional collaboration toward rehabilitation, prevention, and health promotion to meet the needs of society.
  • Faculty who advance knowledge in physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences through scholarly activity and clinical, translational research
  • Faculty and doctoral students will apply advances in technology for the study of clients with movement dysfunction.
  • Faculty and graduates who demonstrate leadership in physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences at the state, national, and global levels.
  • Physical Therapy Center which is an integral component of the academic program in both didactic and clinical education. The Center will be recognized for contemporary, evidence-based clinical practice, expert clinicians with specialist certification, residency programs and research in movement dysfunctions.