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Faculty Affairs

A department chair or other supervisor must obtain guidance from the Office of Faculty Affairs before implementing a separation action, including but not limited to, non-reappointment, dismissal, reduction in FTE, layoff, or end of soft money funded due to loss of funding or reallocation of funds.

Faculty separations for the Morsani College of Medicine and out-of-unit faculty members at USF Health are governed by the USF Faculty Regulations located on the USF General Counsel's web site. The following USF Regulations govern:

10.110 Faculty Non-Reappointment

10.111 Faculty Separations from Employment and Layoff

10.112 Faculty Misconduct and Incompetence

The Morsani College of Medicine does not operate on a standard semester basis and where Regulation requires a full-semester's notification, the College provides a semester equivalent notice period of 19.5 weeks. 

In-unit faculty in the College of Nursing and College of Public Health are covered by the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with respect to separations

Some types of separations may be grieved. Morsani College of Medicine and out-of-unit Faculty members should review Refer to USF Regulation 10.113, Faculty Grievances. Faculty in the Colleges of Nursing and Public Health who are in-unit should consult the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For voluntary separations, such as resignation or retirement, we encourage Faculty to notify their Chair/Division Director or supervisor as far in advance as possible to allow for responsible covering of assignments and planning for transition. While no minimum length of notice time is required, we recommend a minimum of 30-60 days notification.

For involuntary separations, such as discontinuing an appointment, non-renewal of an employment contract, layoff, or dismissal for just cause, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 813-974-1676.