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Welcome to the Morsani College of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs


The Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to offering guidance, development opportunities, and assistance navigating the MCOM experience.

The faculty affairs office serves to provide support for personal and professional growth, and to ensure our students reach their fullest potential through excellence in leadership and education.

The faculty affairs office is a valuable resource that provides information regarding curriculum policy, procedures, and implementation.


 Morsani College of Medicine Faculty Council Bylaws revised

The Morsani College of Medicine Faculty Council Bylaws have been revised. The revised document clearly outlines the mechanisms that are in place for shared governance, including faculty participation in decision-making, and offers opportunities for faculty discussions about the policies and procedures of the college.

To view the bylaws go here.

Thank you to the Faculty Council Bylaws Committee, chaired by Dr. Barbara Hansen, and invited faculty and administration who served on the committee. Your thorough review and hard work has resulted in a document that accurately reflects the responsibilities and privileges of the administrative officers, faculty, and committees.


New MCOM Appointment Guidelines and revised Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

The MCOM Office of Faculty Affairs has created a new Appointment Guidelines document, and has revised the Promotion and Tenure Guidelines. The work was completed by a collaborative committee comprised of representatives from across the College. 

The Appointment Guidelines were created to provide information on the MCOM faculty appointment types, the processes and criteria for hiring, and the promotion pathways for potential and incoming faculty. The Promotion and Tenure Guidelines were revised in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the promotion and tenure process, and to streamline the expectations for research and scholarly activity for our non-tenure earning faculty.

To access the Appointment Guidelines click here.

To access the Promotion and Tenure Guidelines click here.

MCOM LCME Accreditation Review – Volunteers Needed

The Morsani College of Medicine is currently preparing for the April 2023 Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) site visit. Preparation for this visit began in early 2020, and is an on-going collaborative process. 

Currently MCOM is gearing up for the LCME Self-Study with the creation of an Institutional Self-Study Task Force (SSTF), and six Self-Study Subcommittees.

Each subcommittee will review and answer LCME survey questions for the respective sections, and generate brief reports to be reviewed by the SSTF.

Faculty and student volunteers are needed to serve on the SSTF and subcommittees. If you are interested in volunteering please take a moment to review the LCME Update presentation, click here.

For additional information please contact Siwar Bizri, MA, Project Manager to Vice Dean of Educational Affairs at


Faculty Mentorship - We're here to help!

Are you looking for a mentor, or the opportunity to mentor? If so, simply complete the Mentorship Survey and return to Faculty Reach. For a fillable form sign into BOX and download the document to your computer.

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