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Faculty Affairs



This document serves as a supplement to the USF Health Sabbatical Procedures and describes the application and review procedure and process within the Morsani College of Medicine.

For the purposes of this procedure, annual salary is considered to be the annual tenured salary. If the annual tenured salary is less than $40,000, the Dean will provide funding to guarantee a salary payment during the sabbatical that will be calculated based on an annual salary of $40,000 or one-half of the College average tenured salary, whichever is greater.


Applications for Sabbatical Leave in USF Health may be obtained from the USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs website and shall be submitted as outlined in this procedure.

  • Eligible faculty complete a USF Health Application for Sabbatical Leave form, including a detailed outline of their planned sabbatical program with a timeline and other required documentation/verification and submit it to their Department Chair.
  • When the sabbatical involves assignment at another institution or organization, include a letter of acknowledgement from a designated representative of that institution or organization verifying the availability of the proposed assignment.
  • Applicants for the full-pay sabbaticals must also submit a current Curriculum Vitae with the application package.
  • The Department Chair evaluates the request and writes a letter of endorsement or non-endorsement to the Dean, outlining the potential impact the leave will have on the faculty member, the department and the College, and including a statement about whether or not a staffing hardship will result that should warrant denial of the sabbatical for this year.
  • The Department Chair forwards his/her endorsement letter with the faculty member's request to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for submission to the College APT Committee.


The College APT Committee will determine if the application is complete and the application package contains all required documents. If an application is judged to be incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant with a specific written statement of the deficiency. To expedite the process, the Committee Chair/designee will telephone the applicant, in addition to sending the written statement of deficiency. A resubmitted application must be received by the APT Committee Chair/designee no later than one week from the date of the receipt of the notification of deficiency in order to be reconsidered.

The College APT Committee submits the complete application package and Committee recommendations to the Senior Executive Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Maildrop MDC 53, in person to CMS 3063, no later than 5:00 pm on the date indicated in the Timetable.

The Senior Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs reviews the application packages and College APT Committee recommendations, endorses or does not endorse each one on behalf of the dean, and submits them to the Office of Faculty Affairs no later than the date indicated on the Timetable.

All applications forwarded to the USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs for review by the USF Health Sabbatical Committee must contain a statement of endorsement or non-endorsement by the department Chair, a statement from the Chair regarding the impact on the department/unit staffing conditions, a letter of endorsement or non-endorsement by the College Dean/designee, and all other required documentation, including the statement from the College APT Committee.