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Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to getting to know our patients. In a standard practice, a physician could see and care for a few thousand patients. In this center of excellence, we will care for a few hundred. This will allow us to get to know you, spend more time personalizing your care, and respond in a timely fashion to your needs, advocate on your behalf, and navigate your care with specialists. 
If you call ahead and are very ill, we can see you right away. Our members enjoy same-day or next day appointments that will be on time and last as long as is necessary for treatment. For any less urgent concerns such as annual exams and lab work we ask that you please schedule in advance. This will allow us to have same day appointments available for the pressing concerns.
No, you can come see the doctor as often as necessary to address your medical concerns.
This is a secure, online health management tool, because your well-being is important to you around the clock-not just during office hours. This secure portal connects you to your USF Health and TGH health care team and important information from your electronic medical record, 24/7. We ask that when patient’s email they do so only through MYCHART. Any emails may have TGH listed as they are a partner with our electronic medical record system. 
Labs can be drawn in office and will be covered according to your individual insurance plan. If a lab is closer to your home and more convenient we can send the lab requisition where it is most suitable. 
Our team will either serve as the admitting team or work closely to navigate the care. Our partnering hospital is Tampa General Hospital. If you are hospitalized at another location, we will help advocate. Any bills incurred during a hospital stay are responsibility of the patient. 
  • The access to the navigation team for specialists’ visits appointments and coordinating your care from head to toe.
  • You have access 24/7 to the Muma team as well as Dr. Edwards as your primary care physician.
  • Same day sick visits when needed (the visit is billed to insurance)
  • All visits themselves with Dr. Edwards and specialists are billed to insurance.
  • Same day diagnostic results when at all possible.
  • Calming and relaxing suites, providing comfortable gowns, TV, Wi-Fi.
  • Yes, office visits will have a co-pay depending on your insurance coverage for primary care physician at USF Health.
  • If there are procedures requested that are not covered by insurance cash rates will be available.
  • Amenities including lunch, massage, and any products not covered by insurance.
We strive to develop a long term relationship with our members and believe that the client’s satisfaction and professional fulfillment reflect directly back on our mission. As a result, we do not offer a one time, fee for service medical model. 
Our providers are qualified but at this time we would help navigate you to another department for that child’s needs. We do not stock childhood vaccines. We welcome any woman over the age of 18.  
Members of this group would be requested to be seen in our office. We can navigate you to a home or assisted care group if you are not able to travel for any evaluation and treatment. 
If the preferred provider is unavailable we will have another qualified and trusted provider on call to be assured, you have someone available 24 hours a day. After hours, upon calling the main office the navigator will route the call to the provider on call.
Patients may pay upfront and in full. You may also pay monthly through an automated deduction. This will be a recurring process and we ask for a one-year commitment.
Yes, before joining the practice, you will be scheduled for a consultation. This will serve as a bilateral interview. This will allow you to relay your expectations and discover if this is a right fit for you. Any medical counsel and medications will not be provided.
We do not bill private insurance. Our services constitute non-covered Medicare services. 
View the Pamela Muma Women's Health Center FAQs, here.