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Rhea Law, President of the University of South Florida
Like many professional working women, healthcare is usually the last thing I make time for. When I made my appointment at the Monsour Executive Wellness Center at USF Health, I hoped for a quick but comprehensive visit. That's exactly what I received from their team of outstanding healthcare professionals. Within a matter of hours, I experienced a truly unique visit tailored to my personal healthcare needs, and left with all my results – simply fantastic! My concierge made sure all my exams and appointments remained on time, so I could get to my business meetings later in the day. I would highly recommend the one-stop-shopping experience at The Monsour Executive Wellness Center to other busy professionals who need to maintain their health, without wasting days at a time scheduling doctor's visits and appointments.


Leslie Muma, Retired CEO of a Fortune 500 Company
Comprehensive, efficient, and professional - just some of the words I'd use to describe my experience at the Monsour Executive Wellness Center. From initial contact in scheduling the appointment with my personal concierge, to walking out the door with all my medical records on a handy flash drive, USF Health provides an excellent experience.

Having all of the services in a one day package is ideal and at the end of my visit, I felt like I received a return on one of my greatest investments - my health. Although I am retired now and have more time to focus on my well-being, this program is critical for any executive in a high functioning role to become more conscientious of their own health and focus on prevention.


Judy Genshaft, Former President of the University of South Florida
I had a great experience going through the Monsour Executive Wellness Program. It is completely focused on the patient in a one-stop shop, cutting edge facility. The doctors come to you and interpret your test results immediately after your examinations. Their courteous staff is extraordinarily conscious of your time, while using the latest technology and equipment. I walked away feeling well cared for by the superb physicians who communicated a full understanding of my results. I know I can call them at any time. This program is a gem!


Dan Hagan, Partner, ChemPlan - Chemical Insurance, Sarasota - Philadelphia/Exton - Houston
I want to express how pleased I am with my experience with the USF Executive Health Program. It is easy to develop negative attitudes towards the health industry because of the economic and regulatory constraints put on healthcare professionals by the insurance industry and governmental bodies. In my own case, this caused a lack of trust because I did not see value in the 5 minute annual physical and resulted in my ceasing to have a relationship with a physician. I am simply blown away with the time Dr. Coris spent getting to know me, my lifestyle, my own health history, and my family health history.

The Executive Health Program enabled me to obtain, in a stress less and very time convenient day, a comprehensive baseline record of where I presently stand on a health level. More importantly, Dr. Coris and the impressive team of USF specialists, outlined what I need to do today to optimize my health 20 years from now. I truly believe that I would not have been able to get to this level of understanding and commitment to my own health (not many things are more important) by being part of the normal healthcare system where you do not have an opportunity to be tested, have the tests explained and have the sum of the pieces brought together in a comprehensive plan for the future. I have been singing the praises to all of my peers and family and look forward to a life long partnership with the Monsour Executive Wellness Team at USF Health.

Colleen F. Chappell, APR
As a small business owner, I've come to realize that one of my company's greatest assets is my personal health. It's imperative that I be at peak performance for my team and clients. Recently, I gave myself what I believe is an incredible gift: a comprehensive physical at the Monsour Executive Wellness Center at USF Health. The one-on-one time and personal attention I received in my consultation was the most extensive I have ever experienced when talking with a doctor about my health. At the end of the day, I had all of my medical results loaded onto a thumb drive, my follow-up appointments were scheduled and I left with a complete view of my personal health. I applaud the team at USF Health for making the vision of one-stop, customized healthcare a reality. At the Monsour Executive Wellness Center I wasn't a number – I was a priority. As a result of this positive experience, I plan on making my executive physical one of my annual business plan priorities. It truly is an investment with priceless returns.

Todd Buchanan, President of Transamerica
This program is excellent for busy executives! There were no waiting times and every appointment was handled with priority throughout the day. Dr. Coris provided in-depth consultation and guidance on everything from diet to preventative medicine. There were simply no medical questions left unanswered. I'd highly recommend this to those, like me, that push our physical well-being behind the demands of our job because of the time it takes to coordinate and attend appointments. This is a professional, one-stop-shop!