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One of our concierges will consult with you in advance of your visit to carefully prepare a customized agenda. We will create a plan for the day of your exam that will be personalized, thorough and efficient. 

Creating a seamless visit doesn’t end there. If you require a health care specialist throughout the year or need an in-depth annual physical, we are here for you. As a member of the Monsour Executive Wellness family, you will have access to more than 400 top physicians for your continued care. 

When you arrive for your evaluation, we will make every effort to make your experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Please make every effort to be on time, as your time here will be busy.

For your comfort, we will provide you with comfortable USF Health scrubs. We suggest you wear comfortable walking/jogging shoes. Your personal health care concierge will discuss with the medical team if you will need to fast, and they will communicate that to you prior to services (water and medication are fine).

Sample Agenda 
  8:00AM    8:30AM Check in, Vitals  6th Floor Executive Wellness
  8:15AM    8:30AM Carotid Ultrasound/Chest X-ray 3rd Floor Imaging
  8:45AM    9:00AM Body Composition 6th Floor Executive Wellness 
  9:00AM    9:30AM EKG, 3 Minute Vital Step Test 3rd Floor Cardiology
  9:30AM  10:00AM Hearing Screening 6th Floor Executive Wellness
10:00AM  10:30AM Dermatological Skin Exam Dermatology
10:30AM  12:00PM Health Assessment/Physical Examination Dr. Edwards
12:00PM    1:00PM Lunch Lunch
  1:00PM    2:00PM Dilated Eye Exam Ophthalmology