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Occupational Skin Disease

Occupational Skin Disease Defined

Occupational skin diseases account for about 50 percent of occupational illnesses and 25 percent of all lost workdays. These skin diseases affect workers of all ages and in all types of work settings.

The most common occupational skin diseases are dermatitis and skin cancer. Others include keloids, pigment changes, miliaria, folliculitis, tinea, burns, cuts, urticaria, xerosis, and frostbite, etc.  .

Most occupational exposures involve: chemicals, abrasions, burns, sunlight, heat, cold, moisture, poison, electricity, and radiation.


Most occupational skin diseases can be prevented by using broad spectrum sunblock daily, avoiding irritants, and using protective device

At USF Health, our dermatologists have the training and expertise to treat and manage patients with any of the above occupational skin diseases and most types of occupational skin exposures.

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