Catherine M. Lynch, M.D. Associate Vice President, Faculty Development and Women's Health  Associate Dean, MCOM Faculty Development Professor and Director, General Obstetrics and Gynecology

The University of South Florida Women’s Health Collaborative will develop real-world solutions to improving health care for women through a commitment to the full spectrum of Women's Health, provided in an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating all colleges of USF Health in research, education clinical care missions, community partnership and education and promotion of leadership by women in academic medicine.

Catherine M. Lynch, MD
Associate Vice President, Faculty Development and Women's Health
Associate Dean, MCOM Faculty Development
Professor and Director, General Obstetrics and Gynecology

Our Goals

West Central Florida Provides a rich environment for research on health care for women. The diversity in the population by socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and age provide a unique opportunity to expand the knowledge and understanding of health issues for women

USF Health has the multi-disciplinary resources necessary to investigate numerous clinical issues related to women’s health and translate this information into clinical practice

The Women’s Health Collaborative will be recognized as the top resource in the southeast United States for research on health care for women

USF Health has already taken a step toward diversifying the education of students on issues in women’s health by its development of a novel approach to the third year curriculum. Establishing a truly multi-disciplinary approach will further facilitate and expand the opportunities for educating the next generation of health care providers on best approaches to care for women.

As the Research component provides further insights into health care for women this information will be incorporated into new curricula under which providers will be trained to care for women.

Post-graduate educational opportunities will further incorporate the multidisciplinary emphasis to care for women

Future plans may include a multidisciplinary fellowship in women’s health

Support ongoing development and coordination of women’s health services at all sites of USF Health

Objectives of the clinical care component:
  • Determine how to most effectively provide high quality services to all women regardless of socioeconomic or ethnic status
  • Develop outcome measures to assess quality of care, patient satisfaction, and best practices
  • Develop outreach centers utilizing the best practices and providing an expanded patient base for all aspects of USF Health

Develop strategies to foster recruitment, retention, and promotion of culturally diverse women in academic medicine

Develop opportunities and leadership capabilities of all women in health care

Provide opportunities that will enhance the career development of women in academic medicine through leadership seminars, involvement in continued medical education programs to build regional and national reputation, and provide research opportunities

Collaborate with the Associate Vice President for Diversity

Develop and maintain interactions with women in the community and the providers who serve them

Host ongoing community event individually and in conjunction with community agencies

Educate and empower women of all ages and stages of life to take on greater responsibilities for their own health and the health of their families

Each of the above areas will be evaluated and assessed to assure that the goals of the Collaborative are being reached

Evaluation process will provide outcome measures and to seek funding and/or assistance for activities that integrate areas

USF Women’s Health offers many opportunities for the faculty, staff, and community of USF Health. The Women’s Health Collaborative offers a supportive community for individuals interested in the topic of “Women’s Health.” Faculty are encouraged to come to this website for development topics, such as:

  • Opportunities promoting interaction and synergy across USF Health for the purpose of utilizing individual faculty strengths to develop collaborative investigation, research, and education in issues related to women’s health.
  • Workshops, seminars, and events to increase the skill sets of the members of the group, facilitate research and publication, aid in teaching skills, and promote presentations at national meetings to increase the visibility of USF Health.