USF Women’s Health Collaborative Awards Seed Grants for Research

Each year, faculty teams compete for seed grants that support interdisciplinary research to advance women’s health. In the past 10 years, the USF Women’s Health Collaborative has more than 40 research projects and 120 researchers across the USF Health colleges and partners inside and outside of the University of South Florida.

“As Tampa Bay’s only academic medical center, USF Health cares for the health of women across all stages of their lives,” said Dr. Catherine Lynch, associate vice president for women’s health and faculty development at USF Health. “We understand the power of uniting education, research and clinical innovation to make life better for patients.” Read more

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Womens Health Collaborative seed grant video

Past seed grant and Remark-A-Bull award recipients

USF Women's Health Collaborative Lunch

USF Health honored ophthalmologist Moira J. Burke, MD, and retired WFLA-TV news anchor Gayle Sierens with its "Remark-a-Bull" awards for advancing women's health issues in the Tampa Bay area.

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You can help support women's health research through seed grants by giving to the USF Women's Health Collaborative Fund.

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