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Departmental Research


Consistent with its mission of revolutionizing Health, the TCOP fosters innovative research, discovery, and biomedical education at the TCOP. TCOP has formed interdisciplinary collaborations throughout USF Health and USF and partnerships with pharmaceutical industries and other agencies that help solve global health challenges. TCOP research faculty are located in two academic departments and it has also established alliances or affiliations with several Institutes and Centers.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to develop a standard of excellence in basic and translational research that improves human health and disease in the community and globally. It promotes and fosters research directed towards pharmaceutical sciences, drug discovery, nanotechnology, and clinical translational research, pharmacogenomics, which lead to clinical trial applications. The faculty are also engaged in developing and validating methods for conducting drug based design and pharmacokinetic profiles to improve patient-centered needs and personalized therapy. The goals of the Department are:

  • Deliver high quality basic and translational research and drive technology for healthcare needs.
  • Develop leadership in the areas of basic and translational pharmacogenomics, nanotechnologies, drug discovery, and bioinformatics that lead to advancement of healthcare.
  • Strive to enhance research discoveries and therapeutics in the areas of chronic illness and diseases.
  • Develop an international research program and collaborations that incorporates a global strategy to improve health and eliminate disease.

Department of Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Research

The Department of Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Research has its mission to shape competent clinicians to foster the evolution of the profession thru building healthy sustainable communities one patient at a time. It envisions producing practitioners who are proponents for the stimulation of change and the evolution of the profession. The departmental research goals are:

  • Facilitate learning that produces creative, critical and independent thinking.
  • Engage in interdisciplinary and translational research that leads to improvements in the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Train pharmacists to incorporate pharmacogenomics and pharmacodynamics principles into healthcare.
  • Promote excellence in teaching by educating students through utilization of emerging technologies and innovative instructive strategies.

The Taneja College of Pharmacy has established alliances and affiliations with a number of Centers and Institutes at the USF in its efforts to: 1) provide its faculty and students research and educational opportunities, 2) foster and promote interdisciplinary research, and 3) to advance research, innovation and academic entrepreneurship in emerging technologies.