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Christina Bricker, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAHA

Christina Bricker, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAHA

Assoc Dean, Grad Clin Programs, College of Nursing

  • cbricker@usf.edu
  • (813) 974-2716
  • MDN Building, Room 2033
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  • PhD, Nursing, University of Arkansas, 2013
  • MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2000
  • BSN, Nursing, Harding University, 1995

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Health Disparities
  • Nurse Practitioner Education


  • Graduate Academic Nurse Educator Award (University of South Florida - 2020)
  • Great 100 Nurses of Arkansas (The Great 100 Nurses Foundation - 2018)
  • Fellow of the American Heart Association (CVSN Council - 2015)
  • International Society of Hypertension New Member Spotlight (International Society of Hypertension - 2014)
  • Dissertation of the Year Award (UAMS College of Nursing - 2014)
  • Outstanding Future Nurse Leader Award (UAMS College of Nursing - 2014)
  • Southern Nursing Research Society Top Student Poster (Southern Nursing Research Society - 2014)
  • Special Appreciation Award for service as Chair, SNRS Student Network (Southern Nursing Research Society - 2013)
  • Travel Award (American Heart Association - 2013)
  • Travel Award (UAMS Graduate School - 2013)
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation Award: Graduate Student Division (UAMS Student Research Day - 2011)
  • UAMS Phenomenal Woman Award (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - 2011)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award (AMS Graduate School - 2011)
  • Achievement Award (UAMS Graduate School - 2010)
  • Outstanding Scholarly Research Paper Award (Harding University - 1995)

Recent Publications

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  • Cousin L, Redwine L, Bricker C, Kip K, Buck . Effect of Gratitude on Cardiovascular Outcomes: A State-of-the-Science Review Journal of Positive Psychology. , 2020.
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