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Laura Redwine

Laura Redwine, PhD

Associate Professor, College of Nursing

  • lredwine@health.usf.edu
  • (813) 974-1827
  • MDN Building, Room 2012
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"NOTE: Accepting PhD Students"


  • PhD, Medical Psychology, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, 1995
  • PhD, Behavioral Health Psychology, Uniformed Services University, 1995

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease
  • Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Metabolic Regulation and Disorders
  • Neuroscience

Research Interests

  • Dr. Redwine's interests include the relationships among psychosocial, behavioral and neuroimmune factors and cardiovascular disease.
  • Principle investigator or co-investigator for the past 15 years on many prospective naturalistic studies, as well as randomized clinical trials.
  • Implementation of longitudinal and treatment outcome studies examining the effects of integrative modalities such as Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga in various chronic disease populations.


  • Citation Poster (American Psychosomatic Society - 2012)
  • Citation Poster (American Psychosomatic Society - 2008)
  • Citation Poster (American Psychosomatic Society - 2004)
  • Scholars Award (American Psychosomatic Society - 2003)
  • Citation Poster (American Psychosomatic Society - 2002)
  • Scholars Award (Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society - 2001)
  • NARSAD Young Investigator Award (Brain and Behavior Research Foundation - 2000)
  • Fellowship Award (Office of the Dean, Medicine, UCSD - 1999)
  • Scholars Award (Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society - 1999)


  • Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (Member, 2018 - Present)
  • Southern Nursing Research Society (Member, 2018 - Present)
  • USF Research Day Planning Committee (Member, 2017 - Present)
  • USF CON PhD Committee (Member, 2017 - Present)
  • USF CON Accreditation Evaluation Committee (Member, 2017 - Present)
  • University of California, San Diego (Fellowships to Explore Alternative Therapies, 2000 - Present)
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine (Member, 1999 - Present)
  • Krupp Endowment Fund for Research in Integrative Medicine - UCSD (Research Executive Committee, 2015 - 2017)
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine IRB Committee - UCSD (Member, 2014 - 2017)
  • UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine (Member, 2012 - 2017)
  • Center for Integrative Medicine Research Development Committee - UCSD (Chair, 2012 - 2017)
  • American Psychosomatics Society (Member, 1999 - 2017)
  • UC San Diego Positive Living Think Tank (Member, 2016 - 2016)
  • Center for Integrative Medicine Community Outreach Research Committee - UCSD (Chair, 2013 - 2014)

Recent Publications

  • Redwine L, S, Pung M, A, Wilson K, Chinh K, Duffy A, R, Differential peripheral inflammation factors associated with cognitive function in patients with heart failure. Neuroimmunomodulation. : 25(3):146-152 DOI: 10.1159/000493142, 2018.
  • Redwine L, S, Henry B, L, Pung M, A, Wilson K, Chinh K, Knight B, Jain S, Rutledge T, Greenberg B, Maisel A, Mills P, J, A pilot randomized study of a gratitude journaling intervention on HRV and inflammatory biomarkers in Stage B heart failure patients. Psychosomatic Medicine. : 78(6):667-76, 2016.
  • Hong S, Dimitrov S, Cheng T, Redwine L, Pruitt C, Mills P, J, Ziegler M, G, Green J, M, Shaikh F, Wilson K, Beta-adrenergic receptor mediated inflammation control by monocytes is associated with blood pressure and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. : 50:31-8, 2015.
  • Linke S, E, Noble M, Hurst S, Redwine L, Strong D, R, Norman S, B, & Lindamer L, A, Formative research examining exercise in the context of substance abuse treatment. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. : 47(3):248-57, 2015.
  • Riddell N, Burns V, E, Wallace G, R, Edwards K, M, Drayson M, Redwine L, S, Hong S, Bui J, D, Fischer J, C, Mills P, J, Bosch J, A, Progenitor cells are mobilized by acute psychological stress but not beta-adrenergic receptor agonist infusion. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. : (Epub ahead of print), 2015.
  • Mills P, J, Redwine L, S, Wilson K, Pung M, A, Chinh K, Greenberg B, H, Lunde O, Maisel A, Raisinghani A, Wood A, Chopra D., The Role of Gratitude in Spiritual Wellbeing in Asymptomatic Heart Failure Patients, Spirituality in Clinical Practice. American Psychological Association. : 2 (1), 5–17, 2015.
  • Mills P, J, Wilson K, Iqbal N, Iqbal F, Alvarez M, Pung M, A, Wachmann K, Rutledge T, Maglione J, Zisook S, Dimsdale J, E, Lunde O, Greenberg B, H, Raisinghani A, Maisel A, Natarajan L, Jain S, Hufford D, J, Redwine L, S, Depressive symptoms and spirituality in asymptomatic heart failure patients. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. : (Epub ahead of print), 2014.
  • Redwine L, S, Hong S, Rutledge T, Wentworth B, Pung M, Ziegler M, G, Maisel A, Greenberg B, Mills P, J, Leukocyte beta-adrenergic receptor sensitivity and depression severity in patients with heart failure. Psychosomatic Medicine. : 76(9):726-31, 2014.
  • Rutledge T, Redwine L, S, Linke S, E, Mills P, J, A meta-analysis of mental health treatments and cardiac rehabilitation for improving clinical outcomes and depression among patients with coronary heart disease. Psychosomatic Medicine. : 75(4):335-49, 2013.
  • Wentworth B, A, Stein M, B, Redwine L, S, Xue Y, Taub P, R, Clopton P, Nayak K, R, Maisel A, S, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Fast Track to Premature Cardiovascular Disease? Cardiology in Review. : 21(1):16-22, 2013.
  • Jiménez J, A, Redwine L, Rutledge T, R, Dimsdale J, E, Pung M, A, Ziegler M, G, Greenberg B, H, Mills P, J., Depression ratings and antidepressant use among outpatient heart failure patients: implications for the screening and treatment of depression. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. : 44(4):315-34, 2012.
  • Wilson K, L, Tomfohr L, Edwards K, Knott C, Hong S, Redwine L, Calfas K, Rock C, L, von Känel R, Mills P, J, . Effects of Aerobic Fitness and Adiposity on Coagulation Biomarkers in Men vs. Women with Elevated Blood Pressure. European Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. : Sep;2(2):122-128, 2012.
  • Covassin N, Neikrug A, B, Liu L, Maglione J, Natarajan L, Corey-Bloom J, Loredo J, S, Palmer B, W, Redwine L, S, Ancoli-Israel S., Relationships between clinical characteristics and nocturnal cardiac autonomic activity in Parkinson's disease. Autonomic Neuroscience. : 171(1-2):85-8, 2012.
  • Redwine L, S, Tsuang M, Rusiewicz A, Pandzic I, Cammarata S, Rutledge T, Hong S, Linke S, and Mills P, J, A pilot study exploring the effects of a twelve-week Tai chi intervention on somatic symptoms of depression in heart failure patients. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. : (8):744-8, 2012.
  • Xue Y, Taub P, R, Iqbal N, Fard A, Wentworth B, Redwine L, Clopton P, Stein M, Maisel A., Cardiac biomarkers, mortality, and post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans. The American Journal of Cardiology. : 15;109(8):1215-8, 2012.
  • Redwine L, S, Wirtz P, H, Hong S, Bosch J, Ziegler M, Greenberg B, and Mills P, J., Depression as a potential modulator of β-adrenergic -associated leukocyte mobilization in heart failure patients. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. : 56(21):1720-7, 2010.
  • Wirtz P, H, Redwine L, S, Hong S, Rutledge T, Dimsdale J, E, Greenberg B, H, Mills P, J, Increases in B-type natriuretic peptide after acute mental stress in heart failure patients are associated with alcohol consumption. Journals of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. : 71(5):786-94, 2010.
  • Wirtz P, H, Redwine L, S, Hong S, Linke S, Rutledge T, Greenberg B, Mills P, J., Circulating levels of soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1) independently predict depressive symptom severity after 12 months in heart failure patients. Brain, Behavior and Immunity. : 24(3):366-9, 2010.
  • Bormann J, E, Aschbacher K, Wetherell J, L, Roesch S, & Redwine L., Effects of faith/assurance on cortisol levels are enhanced by a spiritual mantram intervention in adults with HIV: A randomized trial. Journal of Psychosomatic Research. : 66(2), 161-171, 2009.
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  • Autonomic and Immuno-vascular Mechanisms of Antihypertensive Effects of Taichi (Order Total: 485000, 1438387200000 - 1588204800000)
  • Evaluating the effects of magnesium on arterial compliance and cerebral blood flow (Order Total: 50000, 1483228800000 - 1577750400000)
  • Can acupuncture decrease stress and increase telo (Order Total: 25000, 1443657600000 - 1506729600000)
  • Gratitude in Post MI Patients Effects on Health Related Mood and Clinical Outcome (Order Total: 150000, 1409529600000 - 1504137600000)
  • Developing a Mindfulness Movement Intervention Program for Post-MI Patients (Order Total: 620000, 1385856000000 - 1480464000000)
  • BNP and Neuroimmune Characteristics of CHF and Depression (Order Total: 3700000, 1281830400000 - 1469923200000)
  • Exploring Tai Chi in Heart Failure Patients (Order Total: 1550000, 1281830400000 - 1438300800000)
  • Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude (Order Total: 270000, 1309478400000 - 1404086400000)
  • Aging, CRH stress pathways and atherogenic processes (Order Total: 50000, 1009843200000 - 1072828800000)
  • Telehealth Therapy for Chronic Pain (Order Total: 357000, 1241136000000 - 1333238400000)
  • Sympathetic Nervous System Regulation of Cell Adhesion in Hypertension (Order Total: 3700000, 1138752000000 - 1296432000000)
  • BNP and Neuroimmune Characteristics of CHF and Depression (Order Total: 3700000, 1114905600000 - 1272585600000)
  • Examination of the use of mantra as a relaxation/meditation technique in HIV+ individuals (Order Total: 357000, 1036108800000 - 1099180800000)
  • Depression and congestive heart failure: sympathetic and immune mechanisms (Order Total: 120000, 946684800000 - 1041292800000)
  • Meditation: A behavioral intervention for psychological stress in African Americans (Order Total: 20000, 915148800000 - 1009756800000)