Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry

Educational Services

The Rothman Center at USF Pediatrics highly emphasizes educational services for a variety of mental health disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, and other from mental health disciplines. Foremost in our teaching philosophy is fostering a supportive environment where the trainee can be exposed to a variety of training opportunities including evidence-based patient care and clinical research. Below is the contact information for a number of our programs:

For information on:

  • The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship  
    Please visit this website or email Dr. Sandra Stock ( 

  • For the following , please contact us at
    Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Please contact fellowship director, Dr. Adam Lewin
    Psychology Externship Students (Graduate Students) Please contact Dr. Lewin.
    Psychology Students (Undergraduate) If you are applying to graduate school, please contact the USF 
    Department of Psychology or College of Education. 
    Medical Rotations/Externships 

  • Pediatric Residents
    Please contact Dr. Sharon Dabrow

Physician Training - Fellows/Residents

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology Fellows rotate through the Division with Psychiatry and Psychology faculty members, learning to provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, evidence-based medication management, and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Fellows see a wide array of cases including children and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorders, autism spectrum disorders, tic disorders, and other anxiety disorders. A multidisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment will be emphasized. Fellows are able to follow their patients for medication management and, in some cases, through the cognitive-behavioral therapy rotation. In addition, many will take on research projects that relate to work being done by faculty.

Pediatrics Residents

USF Pediatrics Residents participate in rotations that include the Rothman Center's Psychiatry, Psychology and Developmental Pediatrics specialists as part of their Developmental Pediatrics Rotation. Residents have also participated during their Adolescent Medicine rotation. Please go to this website for more details.

Medical Students

The Rothman Center faculty encourages medical students to train with our physician and psychologist faculty. Please contact your training director for more information on this elective.

Clinical Psychology Training

As a teaching university, working with graduate students in clinical, counseling, and school psychology on research and clinical work is an important component of our program. We offer a variety of experiences for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral trainees. Dr. Adam Lewin ( directs psychology training opportunities at the Rothman Center and can be contacted for more information.

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral education is a primary focus of the Rothman Center. We have maintained multiple postdoctoral positions in the past several years. Positions vary in focus from clinically-oriented to research-focused, depending on a candidate's interest, training needs, and our available funding. Positions are generally full-time with benefits and require a doctoral degree in clinical, school, or counseling psychology and completion of an APA accredited internship. Our trainees have gone on to faculty positions, hospital/medical center jobs, and independent/community practice.

Psychology Graduate Students

We offer opportunities for clinical practicum in assessment/intervention for children, adolescents, and adults. Opportunities for clinically-focused research may also be available, a number of students have completed Masters/dissertation research with our faculty.

Psychology Undergraduates

For students in good standing at USF or USFSP, we offer volunteer opportunities in our clinical research program. Students are able to gain valuable research experience in the context of these placements that help pave the way for future graduate school placements. Some of the current projections that students can be involved in include studies on obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette's Disorder, autism, and trichotillomania. We also consider students pursuing an honors thesis. Please send a CV and statement of interest to the Rothman Center email address (

ARNP/Graduate Nursing

The Rothman Center has served as a clinical site for graduate students at the USF College of Nursing. Please discuss with your academic advisor if you have an interest match with our clinical services.