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Genetics & Metabolism


DNA in hand on blue background

Division of Genetics & Metabolism

The USF Regional Genetics and Metabolism program was established in 1977 to provide comprehensive medical management to individuals and families with a genetic condition. The services we provide include an initial evaluation and examination, genetic testing, genetic counseling, and follow up as appropriate.

The goal of genetic counseling is to help the individual or family:

Additionally, the Metabolic Genetics Clinic at USF Health provides optimal care to pediatric and adult patients with inherited metabolic disorders. The clinic is open for the evaluation of infants identified by newborn screening and others with metabolic disorders. The services we provide to individuals with a metabolic disorder include diagnosis, genetic counseling, dietary management, and monitoring of metabolites. During the clinic visit, dietary management specific for each disorder is provided by a licensed dietician. Patients will meet with our licensed dietician, who will provide dietary management based on the diagnosis and tailored for each patient.

The Division of Genetics and Metabolism participates in multiple national and international research trials for patients with inborn errors of metabolism. The focus of those trials is to identify new treatments for rare disorders. 

Navigate to our 'Clinical Research' page for a list of current trials conducted by our providers.