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Child Development

* (Pediatric Psychology Internship Profile)

Emily Hudkins, PhD

Emily Hudkins, PhD

Assoc Professor, College of Medicine Pediatrics

Contact Info

  • 13101 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
    MDC 101
    Tampa FL 33612
  • Academic Email:
  • Academic Phone: (813) 974-7588


  • PhD, Psychology, University of South Florida, 2011
  • EdS, School Psychology, University of South Florida, 2009
  • MA, School Psychology, University of South Florida, 2005
  • BS, Psychology and Public Health, Central Michigan University, 2004

Recent Publications

  • Shaffer-Hudkins E & Agazzi H. Behavioral Feeding Intervention for a Young Child: Parent Training Beyond The Mealtime Routine Austin Journal of Pediatrics. 1(3) : 1-7, 2014.
  • Ogg J, Shaffer-Hudkins E, Childres J, Feldman M, Agazzi H, Armstrong K. Attendance and implementation of strategies in a behavioral parent-training program: comparisons between English and Español programs. Infant Mental Health Journal. 35(6) : 555-64, 2014.
  • Gallentine A, Salinas-Miranda AA, Bradley-Klug K, Shaffer-Hudkins E, Hinojosa S, Monroe A. Student perceptions of a patient- centered medical training curriculum. International Journal of Medical Education. 5: 95-102, 2014.
  • Salinas-Miranda AA, Shaffer-Hudkins EJ, Bradley-Klug KL, Monroe AD. Student and resident perspectives on professionalism: beliefs, challenges, and suggested teaching strategies. International Journal of Medical Education. 5: 87-94, 2014.
  • Sperry S, Knox B, Edwards E, et al, & Shaffer-Hudkins E. Cultivating Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Relaxation (CHEER): A Case Study of a Family-Centered and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Obese Adolescents at Risk for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Clinical Case Studies. 13(3) : 218-230, 2014.
  • Shaffer-Hudkins E, Johnson N, & Melton S. Social media use among individuals with diabetes. International Journal of Communication and Health. 4: 38-43, 2014.
  • Hangauer J, Shaffer-Hudkins E, & Agazzi H. The Primary Service Provider Model in Early Intervention: Relationship Focused Intervention for Children Birth–Three. Child Care in Practice. 19(4) : 421-435, 2013.
  • Childres J, Shaffer-Hudkins E, & Armstrong K, . Helping Our Toddlers, Developing Our Children’s Skills (HOT DOCS): A problem-solving approach for parents of young children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Early Childhood and Infant Psychology. 8: 1-19, 2012.
  • Shaffer-Hudkins EJ, Suldo S, Loker T, & March A. How Adolescents’ Mental Health Predicts Their Physical Health: Unique Contributions of Indicators of Subjective Well-being and Psychopathology. Applied Research in Quality of Life. 5(3) : 203-217, 2010.