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Innovation in Mental Health (iMH) Lab

Innovation in Mental Health (iMH) Lab

Undergrad RA Opportunities

Summary of Position

The Innovation in Mental Health ( i MH) lab in the USF Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, directed by Dr. Brian Bunnell, PhD, is recruiting motivated undergraduate students, preferably psychology majors, who are interested in gaining research experience as undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs). Undergraduate RAs assist in a variety of research activities and benefit from training and experiences that help to prepare them for graduate or medical training.

Research Topics

Research at the i MH Lab mainly focuses on the development and evaluation of technology-based resources such as websites and mobile apps that can be used to improve access to and the quality of mental health services. Other research focuses on improving the assessment and treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs) will gain research training and experience in a variety of areas. Some of these may include recruiting, screening, and assessing study participants; implementing research protocols; assisting with certain aspects of product design; conducting product usability testing and quality assurance; collecting and organizing data; coding participant data and behaviors during research activities; conducting and synthesizing literature searches; and other miscellaneous research activities.

Time Commitment

Undergraduate RAs will be required to commit a minimum of 5-hours per week in addition to a 1-hour weekly lab meeting and commit to working in the lab for at least 1 year.


Undergraduate RAs will receive research experience and skills that are sought after by graduate (i.e., Masters/Doctoral) programs and medical schools when considering applicants. Undergraduate RAs will receive ongoing mentorship from Dr. Bunnell relating to research and applying to graduate/medical school. Additionally, undergraduate RAs who work diligently in their assigned responsibilities, fulfil time commitments, and contribute positively to the work environment for a minimum of 1 year may receive a letter of recommendation from Dr. Bunnell for graduate or medical school and job applications.

How to Apply

Those interested should first complete the Basic “Social/Behavioral Investigators and Key Personnel” CITI training. Instructions can be found here.

The course can be found here:

After successfully completing the CITI training, please complete the RA application.

You will then be contacted by Janelle Barrera, Lab Manager if you are selected for an interview. Thank you for your interest in the iMH Lab. We look forward to receiving your application.


Janelle Barrera, MPH, CPH

Please see the instructions above before contacting