Morsani College of Medicine Committees

Graduate Medical Sciences Education Committee

Committee Charge: 

The Charge of the Graduate Medical Sciences Education Committee (GMSEC) is to review, advise, and make policy recommendations on matters related to graduate medical sciences education. The committee will address college-wide entrance and performance  requirements for programs leading to the Master of Science degree, Doctor of Philosophy degree, and graduate certificates. The committee will make policy recommendations regarding graduate student curriculum, the distribution of tuition waivers, assistantships, and other available student financial aid to graduate programs  within  the MCOM.  

The voting members of the committee will be composed of the chair of the committee, the chair- elect whom will be chosen among the voting members at least six months prior to assuming the chair position, the master’s degree program directors, the PhD program concentration directors, and three at- large faculty appointed by the Faculty Council with staggered terms. The non-voting members will be composed of the senior associate for graduate and postdoctoral affairs, the associate dean of the master’s degree programs, the associate dean of the PhD and postdoctoral programs, the president and vice president of the Association of Medical Sciences Graduate Students, and additional administrative staff with expertise relevant to GMSEC’s charge may also serve as non-voting members.