Morsani College of Medicine Committees

Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee

Committee Charge:

The Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure shall review the credentials of all Faculty whose appointment is proposed at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor, review applications for promotion of Faculty to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor and review the credentials of those eligible Faculty being considered for tenure. Following review, the Committee shall make recommendations regarding appointments, promotions and tenure to the Dean. Members of the Committee shall be required to absent themselves from deliberation and vote when the Committee is considering the appointment, promotion or tenure of a Faculty member from their department.

The Committee shall be composed of 15 faculty members. The Committee shall include no less than six tenured members of the Core Faculty, representing both the Clinical and the Basic Science Faculty, and one faculty member each from the USF-Lehigh Valley campus and the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences. At least four Core Faculty Committee members shall be from the basic science faculty and at least six shall be from the clinical science faculty. Two-thirds of the tenured Core Faculty and the committee in general shall hold the rank of Professor, with the remainder holding the rank of Professor or Associate Professor. No Department/School/ Partnership Campus shall have more than two members on this Committee, and the Committee should adequately represent the different constituencies within the College of Medicine.

All members of the Committee on Appointment, Promotions and Tenure are voting members. Voting for faculty rank will be completed by all committee members that are at or above the rank of the appointment being considered by the applicant.