Morsani College of Medicine Committees

Curriculum Committee

Committee Charge:

The Committee on Curriculum shall advise the Dean on matters related to undergraduate medical education and physical therapy education.  This Committee shall develop, review assess and recommend changes to the content, curricular structure, learning environment and educational goals of the UME program and shall evaluate the courses, curriculum and program outcomes as a whole.  It will update the faculty regularly on changes and program outcomes.  It will also develop standards for the evaluation and improvement of teaching quality.

The Committee shall be composed of six members from basic science departments, six members from clinical science departments, two members from the Lehigh Valley Partnership Campus, and one member from the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences who have responsibilities for curriculum design and planning within their departments and a representative from the Student Council of the Morsani College of Medicine.  Each core faculty member of the Committee shall serve for a term of three years.  The three-year terms shall be staggered such that one-third of the core faculty members shall be replaced each year.  The senior administrative officer(s) responsible for educational affairs (Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, Associate Deans for Undergraduate Medical Education and Physical Therapy Education), Director of Pre-clerkship Curriculum, Chair of Committee of Clerkship Directors, one Chair from a clinical department, one Chair from a basic science department and the Presidents of the first, second, third, and fourth year Medical and first, second and third year Physical Therapy classes or their designates shall be non-voting ex-officio members of this Committee.