Morsani College of Medicine Committees

Academic Performance Review Committee

Committee Charge:

 The Academic Performance Review Committee (APRC) shall review the academic and clinical performance of each medical student and make recommendations to the Dean regarding graduation, advancement, dismissal and readmission.  It also acts directly to place students on probation and design remediation for deficiencies. 

The APRC shall be chaired by the Chief Academic Officer, or his or her designee, and shall be composed of all required Core and SELECT course/clerkship directors and seven faculty members who are not course or clerkship directors and who hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor – five (5) of these shall be from the USF-Tampa campus and two (2) from the USF-Lehigh Valley campus.  Non-course or clerkship director faculty members serve two-year terms and shall be appointed by the Faculty Council. 

Thirteen voting members will be selected for one-year terms.  All members should have a voting role during any two-to three-year cycle.  Voting members include:

One (1) Year 1 course director;
One (1) Year 2 Course Director;
The Pre-Clerkship Faculty Curriculum Director;
Two (2) Year 3 clerkship directors from USF-Tampa;
One (1) Year 3 clerkship directors from USF-Lehigh Valley;
The chair of the Committee of Clerkship Directors from USF-Tampa;
The chair of the Clerkship Council Chair from USF-Lehigh Valley;
One (1) SELECT program course director;
Three (3) non-course/clerkship director faculty members from USF-Tampa; and
One (1) non-course/clerkship director faculty member from USF-Lehigh Valley.

When a voting member is not present, an alternate from the same year of the curriculum, or campus site for faculty, shall vote as designated. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. All members, voting and non-voting, are expected to attend all APRC meetings in order to contribute to discussion, present information about students with a deficiency in their course/clerkship, and maintain familiarity with all Committee proceedings.