Morsani College of Medicine Committees

Financial Oversight Committee Charge:

The Committee on Financial Oversight shall review, advise and make policy recommendations on matters related to financial operations within the Morsani College of Medicine. The Committee shall be composed of a total of fourteen members to include: three faculty members at large; three Department Chairs and three Administrative members to be appointed by the Dean, including one representative from the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences; two faculty members from Basic Science Departments and two faculty members from Clinical Science Departments to be nominated by the Faculty Council; and a Faculty officer to be appointed by the President of the Faculty to serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee and liaison to the Faculty Council; and a non-voting ex officio member from the Lehigh Valley Partnership Campus nominated by the Lehigh Valley Chief Executive Officer. Term of service on the Committee is three years, with appointments staggered to permit continuity. The Chair of the Committee on Financial Oversight shall be determined by a majority vote of a quorum of committee members. The Dean will provide secretarial support and information requested by the Committee to the Committee on Financial Oversight.