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Eye Institute

USF Eye Institute

Espana Lab

Espana Lab

The Espana Corneal Extracellular Matrix Laboratory

We investigate corneal biology by creating corneal wounds in different mouse models, deficient or inducible in different types of collagens, cell cultures, molecular biology techniques and advanced microscopy techniques including electron microscopy, second harmonics, live in vivo confocal microscopy and regular confocal microscopy. The long term goal is to modulate wound healing and scar formation to maintain corneal transparency.

Espana Corneal Extracellular Matrix Laboratory

Laboratory Areas of Interest

  • Regulation of structure and function by FACIT collagens.
  • Regulation of stromal regeneration by collagens V and XII.
  • Regulation of the Posterior Stroma-Endothelial niche by the extracellular matrix.
Espana Corneal Extracellular Matrix Laboratory


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