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Animal Imaging Core

VisualSonics Vevo770

Features and Benefits:

  • The Vevo 770 provides the small animal researcher with the ability to visualize and quantify small animal anatomical targets, hemodynamics and therapeutic interventions with resolution down to 30 microns. Because it is non-invasive, longitudinal monitoring and quantification of phenotypes and therapeutic regimes can be monitored in the same animal over time. New functionality now available on the Vevo 770 includes increased temporal resolution, improved workflow and ergonomics, and newly available features — including the release of Power Doppler to visualize and quantify relative microvasculature in vivo for anti-angiogenic studies. 
  • Investigators wishing to have animal heart function, adult or embryonic, or bloodflow analysis carried out, can have this done at the St. Petersburg Vivarium with the VisualSonics Vevo770 system.
Improved Ergonomics
  • The Vevo 770 has been designed to improve the ergonomics of moving and operating the instrument in a high-throughput environment. Features include:
  • A built-in keyboard and trackball with re-configured hot keys. 
  • Compact instrument design for easy, comfortable use and simplified movement between locations or labs. 
  • Dual RMV inputs and multiple RMV scanhead holders. 
  • large front and back handles for easy movement of the Vevo, and 
  • Improved placement of power switches and RMV input connectors for easier use. 
For more information about the USF St. Petersburg Campus Small Animal Echo core: click here.

For more information visit the Visualsonics website.