If you are a USF Health faculty member wishing to initiate a Collaborative Agreement between USF and another international institution, please follow the instructions below.

  1. First, contact your College’s Asst/Vice Dean of International to discuss your interest in initiating a new collaborative agreement between USF Health and an international institution.

  2. Once you obtain initial support, your College’s International office will direct communications to Cristienn Joudaane, Director of International Programs- USF Health International (cmblanco@usf.edu  or 813-974-4003), who will manages international collaborative agreements for USF Health.

  3. Faculty initiators will be required to complete the USF Health Review Form for new Collaborative Agreements, obtaining the signatures of Faculty Initiator and Department Chair, and submit to USF Health International (cmblanco@usf.edu).

  4. USF Health International will review the information provided and verify the clearance of partner institution with Export Control.  Once approved, USF Health International will provide the template of the USF Health General Collaborative Agreement and will work with initiator and partners, as required, for mutual consent, legal approval and execution. 
    1. Two originals of the General Agreement for Collaboration are required.  If the partnership is in a country whose primary language is not English, there will need to be 2 originals in English and 2 originals in that country’s primary language.

  5. Send (2) originals of the General Agreement to:
    USF Health International 
    c/o Ms. Cristienn Joudaane
    12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. – MDC 98
    Tampa, FL 33612

  6. USF Health International will obtain approval from the USF General Counsel and remaining internal signatures and will inform faculty initiator once complete.

  7. The two originals of the General Agreement will be sent to the USF faculty member initiating the agreement so they can mail or hand deliver to the partner institution. 

  8. The partner institution shall keep one original copy of the signed agreement and return one original to USF Health International (UHI) at the above address. UHI will retain a copy and forward the agreement to USF World for record.

NOTE- As additional projects are developed in research and education, all will require a separate written agreement (MOU) to outline the terms of the specific project.  A General Collaborative Agreement is first required, prior to the establishment of a MOU.