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Health International

If you are a USF Health faculty member wishing to initiate a Collaborative Agreement between USF and another international institution, please follow the instructions below.

  1. First, check the Global Discovery Hub for an existing agreement.

  2. Contact your College’s International office to discuss your interest in initiating a new collaborative agreement between USF Health and an international institution. Once approved, your College’s International office shall direct communications to Jesse Casanova, Assistant Director - USF Health International (, who will facilitate completion of the collaborative agreement process and will provide you with a copy of the Review Form for New International Collaborative Agreement. 

  3. The Faculty Initiator shall complete the Review Form by providing partner institution information as well as answer all general background questions. This is an internal form and shall not be provided to the partner institution.

  4. Complete the Review Form and return it unsigned to USF Health International ( for review and Export Control clearance. 

  5. Once approved, USF Health International will provide template of the USF Health General Collaborative Agreement to the faculty initiator and will work with faculty initiator and partner directly, as required, for mutual consent.
    1. USF Health will need to review final draft agreement template before signatures by either party are obtained.  
    2. Two originals of the General Agreement for Collaboration will be prepared for record (1 original for USF, 1 original for partner)
    3. If translation of the agreement is required by the partner, a third-party translation service will be required to prepare and certify the translation. 

  6. USF Health International will obtain approval from the USF General Counsel and remaining internal signatures and will inform the USF faculty initiator once complete.

  7. The two originals of the General Agreement will then be ready to mail or be hand delivered to the partner institution by the faculty initiator for respective signatures. 

  8. The partner institution shall keep one original copy of the General Agreement and return one original to USF Health International at the below address.
    USF Health International 
    c/o Jesse Casanova
    12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. – MDC 98
    Tampa, FL 33612

  9. USF Health International will retain one original of the agreement and forward a copy of the document to USF World for record.

NOTE- As additional projects are developed in research and education, all will require a separate written agreement (MOU) to outline the terms of the specific project. A General Collaborative Agreement is first required, prior to the establishment of a MOU.