Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, USF Health
Senior Associate Dean, Morsani College of Medicine

Asst. Vice President, International, USF Health
Asst. Dean, USF Medicine International, Morsani College of Medicine
Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine

Assistant Director, Study Abroad & International Programs, USF Health

Phone: (813) 974-4247

College of Medicine

Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine
Senior Advisor and Consultant, USF Medicine International
Director USF-GVN Center
Vice President, Global Virus Network
Consultant, USF Medicine International

Oberservership Coordinator and Program Assistant, USF Medicine International

Phone: (813) 844-8918

College of Nursing

Assistant Dean for Global Engagement
Associate Professor & Fulbright Scholar
College of Nursing


Phone: (813) 974-5975

Senior Advisor, Global Nursing
Visiting Professor, College of Nursing

Phone: 813-974-9867

College of Public Health

Vice Dean, Education & Faculty Affairs

Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, College of Public Health

Phone: (813) 974-6606

Academic Services Administrator, Experiential Learning, College of Public Health

Phone: (813) 974-9671

Taneja College of Pharmacy

Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Taneja College of Pharmacy



Phone: 813-974-1305