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Health International

College's international programs office:

You are required to receive written approval for travel by completing the USF Health- Individual Travel Approval Form.

This application is not intended for travel to countries with high crime and/or high terrorist threats, as identified by the US State Department. For questions about whether your destination falls into a high-risk category or are unsure if your travel aligns with the criteria listed above, please contact

 Individual Travel Registration Deadline

-  Independent Travel Approval Form

-  Online Travel Registration Application

30 days prior to departure date

Complete the Conference and Express Travel application available via the USF Health Portal if you are: 

  1. Attending or participating in a conference or symposium in an international location only. All other types of travel must go through the full travel application process
  2. Healthy and wish to waive a medical review

Students will be emailed a link to join the online CANVAS Express orientation course within 5 business days of initiating an online travel registration application.

 Pre-departure Orientation Deadline
 -  Online canvas Express Pre-departure orientation 30 days prior to departure date
  • Medical, safety, and security coverage is provided and paid for by USF for all properly registered USF international travelers for trips abroad for up to 365 days. International SoS (ISoS) is our provider of these comprehensive services.
  • The insurance is managed by a third-party administrator (Gallagher) that processes claims to the insurance company and covers travelers for the period of official travel and up to 14 days on either end of the official travel in the event a traveler arrives early or departs late from their period of official travel up to 365 days of coverage.
  • The university’s medical & evacuation insurance does not include trip cancellation coverage or travel insurance (theft, costs due to delays in travel time, etc.), or pre-existing conditions. If you are concerned about travel insurance coverage, you are advised to seek travel insurance coverage through your own carrier. 

Call ISOS for any travel-related health, security, or personal wellness emergency. Your policy benefits will cover you if you become ill, injured, or your program location is deemed unsafe. If you become ill while abroad please contact ISoS through the ISoS Assistance App. You will need to identify yourself and provide them with our USF ISoS policy number (399GDA1018486IT).

To use USF's health insurance, after consulting with on-site staff, call International SoS at +1-215-942-8478 (collect calls accepted worldwide) – when calling, reference member ID 399GDA1018486IT.

We strongly suggest that ALL travelers download the ISoS App onto a phone that they will have with them during travel. Take hard copies of ISoS phone number and USF’s ID number in case your phone is lost or unavailable. 

The ISoS Assistance Application is a digital safety and security desktop and mobile app. It enables you to stay in contact with ISoS Global while traveling worldwide for work, research, or education. The App provides a 24/7 live chat for phone assistance, security, and medical content for all destinations, as well as valuable travel tools, such as planners and notifications. It is required that you have this app on your phone while traveling.

To use the ISOS Assistance Application, you must first download the ISoS Assistance App to your smartphone. Scan the QR code (left) to download the App or search for “International SoS Assistance App” via iOS App Store, Google Play, or App World.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow the easy "getting started" instructions. For more info on how to establish an account, register, and use the application please visit the ISoS Assistance App website.

Students are required to review the following travel, pre-departure information:

It is strongly recommended that travelers follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s travel guidelines regarding prophylaxis and vaccinations for their travel destination(s). Visit the CDC's website for country specific travel health information.

We also recommend that you make an appointment with Student Health Services to discuss the health conditions and how you can best prepare for them. Contact Student Health Services Travel Clinic for an appointment.