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Driving  Evaluation

Knowing when to stop driving is one of the toughest decisions families have to make. The  loss of independence is a big adjustment for many people. As difficult as this decision is, safety is our the primary concern.  It may seem that a person with Alzheimer's is still able to drive, but it takes a trained specialist to determine if they still have the cognitive and physical skills necessary to be safe on the road. 

Many of those who are struggling with this concern find it beneficial to have an external, objective perspective. Our occupational therapist conducts a skills and knowledge test that provides you with the information needed to make the safest decision possible.

What does the driving evaluation include?

The Driving evaluation includes a driver history interview, physical assessment, visual assessment, cognitive assessment, rules of the road and road sign recognition. The assessment may also include a 30-60 minute on-the-road test with a therapist in a safety equipped car.

Who conducts the driving evaluations at the Byrd Institute? 

The evaluation is conducted by Lori Grismore, OTR/L. Lori is an occupational therapist and a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist(CDRS). 

How do I schedule an Occupational Therapy (OT) Driving Evaluation? 

A referral from your physician or health practitioner is required. The prescription can come from a family physician, nurse practitioner, neurologist, psychiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or any other licensed physician. To schedule the appointment, please call us at (813) 396-0728.