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MD Program Cost of Attendance


Doctor of Medicine (MD) Cost of Attendance:

The following expenses represent the amounts established by the University of South Florida Office of Financial Aid as reasonable annual costs for attending Morsani College of Medicine MD Program. It is expected that most students can live within these costs. Students with extenuating circumstances may contact the USF Health Financial Aid Office with documentation and exceptions. Dependent child daycare costs may be added with documentation.

Standard student budgets are based on typical expenses for a single student during periods of enrollment. Costs for a student's spouse or children are not included in the standard student budget; these expenses are accounted for in the need analysis formula of the FAFSA.

  • Year 1 (Class of 2027) Annual Cost of Attendance

    CORE 10 Months of Enrollment; SELECT 12 Months of Enrollment

    MD Class of 27

  • Year 2 (Class of 2026) Annual Cost of Attendance

    CORE & SELECT 10 Months of Enrollment

    MD Class of 26

  • Year 3 (Class of 2025) Annual Cost of Attendance

    CORE & SELECT 12 Months of Enrollment

    MD Class of 25

  • Year 4 (Class of 2024) Annual Cost of Attendance

    CORE & SELECT 11 Months of Enrollment

    MD Class of 24

Tuition & Fees:

Tuition for Florida State Medical schools is a flat yearly rate, regardless of the actual hours a student is enrolled. Tuition and Fees are estimated in the Cost of Attendance using the prior aid year’s tuition and fees. For more information about tuition, fees, and payments, please visit the Registrar’s Tuition Information Page.

Housing & Food:

These are the cost estimates that the average student may incur during each year of enrollment in the Morsani College of Medicine. While actual expenses will vary among students, the estimated total cost of living will allow for a moderate standard of living. The calculation for housing expenses is one-half of the average rental rate, plus utilities for a two-bedroom apartment within a 10-mile radius of the downtown and Lehigh Valley locations.  Students are expected to share living facilities to help reduce expenses. Students should budget and plan accordingly for expenses incurred during periods of non-enrollment.

Books & Supplies:

Actual prices of required texts for each class are obtained from the Morsani College of Medicine. In addition, the cost of attendance includes an allowance for medical instruments and miscellaneous supplies. The cost for a computer/laptop is not included in the standard cost of attendance but can be included on a case-by-case basis. Students should contact the financial aid office to explore this option.

Personal Expenses:

The estimated cost in this category includes the cost associated with laundry, personal hygiene, medical, dental, required immunizations, screenings, and background checks. The cost for required health and disability insurance is also included.  The cost associated with U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations Step I & II, NRMP and ERAS are also included in the year the cost is incurred. An allocation for federal loan fees is included based on average loan fees incurred by similarly classified borrowers during the previous academic year.


Commuting costs (to and from campus) are included in the transportation component. Travel costs to area hospitals and clinical sites are also included. The cost of parking downtown is also included in this category. A one-time relocation travel cost of $1,500 is included for year III SELECT students. A one-time Capstone travel cost of $1000 is included for SELECT year IV to offset the travel cost to Tampa for the Capstone Class.