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Office of Global Partnership & Engagement

Important Information

Global Nursing Parent Information

Benefits of a Study Abroad Program

The benefits of studying abroad are tremendous. In addition to cultural, personal, social and academic growth, students who study abroad are more marketable upon graduation. In today’s world, employers and graduate schools increasingly value overseas experience where students have seen healthcare delivery at the international and ‘global’ level and understand healthcare delivery in different areas of the world. 

Program Costs

Costs vary depending on length, and type of program. Current costs are discussed during the information sessions offered each semester prior to departure, parents are welcome to attend. All students are required to pay the entirety of the study abroad program prior to departure. The student is responsible for tuition costs to the University and all additional program travel costs. Personal spending will vary and will be discussed during the pre-departure orientation course along with managing a travel budget. Extra expenses which are not included:

Financial Aid/Scholarships

In general, students may apply financial aid (including loans, grants, and scholarships) towards the cost of any study abroad program, whether or not it is sponsored by the University of South Florida. Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Students who receive financial aid and are planning to study abroad need to contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Preparation Assistance Prior To Departure

The Office of Global Partnership and Engagement is available for any questions, assistance needed and provides support to students during the entire process. All students are required to participate in a mandatory pre-departure orientation as important program information will be discussed:

Students can also obtain contact information from former participants or international students from the country in which they will be studying to ensure your student feels fully confident about their upcoming experience.

Safety While Abroad

Student safety is our highest priority. General safety issues, as well as any country-specific precautions, are discussed at the mandatory pre-departure orientation and are included in the materials provided to students by the Office of Global Partnership and Engagement. In addition, the accompanying faculty member will escort students throughout the entire experience.

The Global Nursing International Program Office takes every precaution to ensure student safety. All USF College of Nursing students on faculty-led, USF College of Nursing sponsored programs are registered with the local U.S. Embassy upon arrival. We also have a Study Abroad Emergency Response Team prepared to manage any emergency.  The team receives U.S. State Department travel information and is available 24 hours a day through the USF Police.

Emergency Assistance Line: 813-317-5815 (Available 24/7)

Health Insurance Coverage

All students participating in a university-sponsored program abroad are required to carry the university-required, travel and medical evacuation insurance and will be automatically enrolled after registering through the USF World, Education Abroad Office.

Student Contact While Abroad

Students will have WiFi available at hotels and can stay in contact via Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. Many U.S. phone carriers have international phone plans. Students can also purchase calling cards and international plans. See the USF World, Education Abroad Office website for more information.

International Opportunities