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Department of Radiology

Body Imaging Fellowship

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The USF Department of Radiology is excited to offer 3 positions for a 1-year non-accredited Body Imaging Fellowship at Tampa General Hospital and 1 position available at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. We follow all the SCARD guidelines for the application process and interview season. Please contact the coordinator, Tracy Colley directly for any updates on open positions for each academic year. Our program offers fellows high volumes of subspecialty MRI, and flexibility to improve their procedural skills, engage in clinical research, and maintain skills in other modalities.

Please see the program details below for contact information, minimum requirements, and submission details. 

Program Information

Fellows will cycle through three separate rotations covering different patient populations.  The first rotation focuses on the inpatient population for Tampa General Hospital itself. Fellows spend their days reading high-level MRI for inpatients and transplant teams, and participate in GI and GU multidisciplinary conferences. The workstations for this rotation are in the same room as the body attendings, radiology residents, and medical students, providing freedom for peer-to-peer teaching throughout the day.

The second rotation is for our academic service. This rotation will expose fellows to high complexity cases, particularly for inflammatory bowel disease.

The third rotation is with our Tower sites, the outpatient community outreach of Tampa General Hospital. This too focuses heavily on MRI, with large volumes of multiparametric prostate MRI, defecography, and rectal cancer staging and restaging. 

Good news: No nights or late shifts! Every day of your fellowship year will run either 7am – 4pm or 8am to 5pm. Call occurs every 4 - 6 weeks based on number of fellows, and these shifts allow fellows to maintain skills in other subspecialties. A typical call day may last until early- or mid- afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday, fellows come to Tampa General to clean out approximately 15 MRIs before returning home to enjoy the rest of their weekend.

Each of the three rotations focus heavily on MRI. We have over 30 MR units, consisting of both 1.5T and 3.0T, from GE, Phillips and Siemens, so fellows see the full gamut of MR imaging. Fellows will obtain extensive experience in all subspecialized examinations, including:

  • Hepatocellular screening (pre- and post- treatment and transplant)
  • Elastography and Iron/fat fractionation
  • Enterography
  • Multiparametric Prostate
  • Penile evaluation
  • Rectal cancer staging
  • Endometriosis assessment
  • Defecography/Pelvic Floor dysfunction
  • Gynecologic and Urologic oncology

We generally find fellows are more interested in pursuing these subspecialized MRI examinations, but CT and Ultrasound volumes are also high, and fellows can choose to read these modalities as well. We have yet to meet a fellow requesting more fluoroscopy experience, and there is none required of fellows on any rotation.

Our large outpatient volumes mean that moonlighting is always available. Once fellows have demonstrated competence, they will have the opportunity to moonlight weekdays after 5:30pm and any time on the weekends, as much or as little as they desire. Moonlighting consists of giving final reads on CT, US, and XR studies, and fellows are paid a base rate per RVU read. In past years, fellows have been able to request home work stations to earn income without ever house.

International applicants must have a H1 Visa or Green Card and have passed Step 3 USMLE.

The following items are required for a completed application:

  • Common Fellowship Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Current CV
  • Photo
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Copy of USMLE Step 1, 2, 3 Scores


Please submit your application and supporting documents in a single email (pdf files only) to:

Tracy Colley
Fellowship Coordinator

H. Lee Moffitt Fellowship   As a remarkable addition to the fellowship positions at USF, fellows now have the privilege of completing a 1 year non-accredited fellowship at the renowned Moffitt Cancer Center, which holds the distinction of being the only National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated cancer center in the state of Florida. The fellowship includes exposure to a high volume of oncologic imaging, encompassing a wide range of multimodality technique. An exceptional aspect of this program is active participation in multidisciplinary conferences, enabling fellows to interact with referring clinicians and develop practical expertise in management of oncologic and non-oncologic patients. Overall, the USF body imaging fellowship offers an outstanding opportunity for fellows to develop their skills and expertise in body imaging while also gaining exposure to the cutting-edge research and treatment options. Fellows from this program are highly sought after and are well-prepared to succeed in both academic and clinical settings.


CristianRamirez,MD"The Body Imaging Fellowship at USF has provided the tools and experience to become a top-tier radiologist and body imager.  Working under the guidance of leaders in the field, combined with high-quality interdisciplinary conferences and a wide variety of cases, this program continues to exceed expectations for the professional development of residents and fellows."

Cristian Ramirez, MD
Body Imaging Fellow, Class of 2022
Radiology Imaging Specialists, Lakeland FL

BostenMiller,MD"I thoroughly enjoyed my year with USF body radiology. The program offers a large volume of complex body cases that easily encompasses all areas of body imaging. All the attendings are easily approachable and enjoy teaching. I consider them all friends and looked forward to working with them each day. Would 100 percent recommend this program to anyone interested in body imaging."

Bosten Miller, MD
Body Imaging Fellow, Class of 2022

"I have been extremely satisfied with my choice in training location and have enjoyed my time with the body program at USF. This fellowship program has thoroughly prepared me to be a body imaging specialist, whether it be in private practice or in an academic setting. I would make the same choice again if given the opportunity and am confident I can be the body MRI expert with my new group from day one, having read thousands of MRs over the last year ranging from pelvic floor studies to rectal staging MRIs. We have had the opportunity to read a diverse set of outpatient MRIs using the outpatient CLARIO system and while there is no "daily quota" a fellow could easily read 40 MRs a day. This is balanced by the inpatient weeks where the scans are fewer but often more complex, exposing us to more emergent conditions where MR is utilized. We play a leading role in several multidisciplinary conferences where fellows are responsible for presenting all relevant imaging for each case. This experience has been invaluable, getting to learn from the surgeons, oncologists, and radiation oncologists. We work exclusively with five expert body staff, building strong professional and personal friendships over the year. I highly recommend this program. Not very often do you find a training program where the work-life balance and training are equally exceptional!"
Stephen Juel, MD
Body Imaging Fellow, Class of 2023

As a former Radiology resident and chief resident of the University of South Florida, I chose to stay at USF for my Body imaging fellowship because I was already familiar with the wide variety of pathologies that I would be exposed to in a high MRI volume hybrid private practice and academic setting.  The fellowship allows for flexibility to be involved in CT guided procedures spanning from routine and more complex biopsies and drain placements.  However, this is completely tailored to the fellow’s preference and is not required.  As a fellow, you will interact with and have the chance to teach residents that are a great group and eager to learn.  The residents never interfere with your workflow, and you are never interfering with their workflow, but the camaraderie in the reading room is great.  Many of us as Radiologists will move on to practices or academic centers that have us participating in tumor boards or multidisciplinary discussions.  During the USF Body Imaging Fellowship, you will participate in multiple tumor boards that supplement your efficiency to discuss complex cases amongst other subspecialties, which is an invaluable experience during fellowship to prepare you for your career when you graduate.  Ultimately, I chose USF for my fellowship because I was familiar with the great attending staff in the body reading room and would without hesitation make the same decision again.
Benjamin Kessler, MD
Body Fellowship, Class of 2023
Radiology Partners, Tampa FL


he USF Body Imaging fellowship offers an unbeatable volume of both inpatient and outpatient advanced MRI studies on patients with both routine and complex pathologies, with the friendly body team attendings offering a nurturing environment to further develop our diagnostic abilities. Additionally, the participation in the multidisciplinary treatment boards at Tampa General Hospital provides invaluable real-world feedback on how our reports not only affect our patient’s, but also guide their treatment.
Joseph Birkman, DO
Body Imaging Fellow, Class of 2023